Monday, July 12, 2010

OPI Cherry Much in Love

OPI Cherry Much in Love was released for Valentines Day as part of the OPI Glitters Collection in 2009 (I'm not sure but I think this was in the UK). It was also released in Japan as part of the 10th OPI Anniversary in Japan (Which was pretty much the same collection as the Valentines one).

This is a cherry red jelly base and is jam packed full of glitter.

OPI Cherry Much In Love - Sunshine

In the sun this polish looks a bit funny, the glitter doesn't seem to sparkle in this photo and looks like its all just sitting there in the jelly.

OPI Cherry Much In Love - Shade

It looks a bit better here in the shade.

From the outside of the bottle this polish looks like it should be amazing - The glitter sparkles all the colours of the rainbow (not visible in the photos but it does in real life). But I think the light jelly base doesn't do the glitter justice - I think they didn't get the balance of glitter and jelly quite right. This is still a pretty polish - I just think there are better glitters out there.

Lots of Love

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