Monday, July 19, 2010

Nubar Star Sparkle

I realised that the last few posts have been pink overload, so I am going to try and steer away from it for a while.

Here is one of my favourite glitters....ever!
Nubar Star Sparkle from the Sparkle collection.

Nubar Star Sparkle - sunshine

This was three coats. Its a silver rainbow glitter in a clear jelly base. It was quite easy to apply, a thin first coat and after that a great build up of glitter on each following coat. Three coats had the nail covered properly.

Nubar star sparkle - up close

This is unlike other silver glitters in the fact that it sparkles a whole entire rainbow of amazingness!!!! And its not just in certain lights - its in all lights. This is not a holographic polish - it is glitter that is making it like this.

As all glitters it is a bit of a pain to take off - I find the more expensive nail polish removers work better for glitter polish. I use OPI remover when taking off glitters (but only then, so as not to waste it - at $20 a bottle here its not something to use on a daily basis)

My first give away will be held when I get to 100 followers (63 to go). So tell all your friends about me and we will get there faster! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend
Lots of Love


  1. I'm quite new with the nail polish thing - where did you buy your OPI remover from?

  2. You are in New Zealand aren't you WGS?
    You can get OPI remover from most places that sell OPI - Farmers or Department stores or Pharmacies that sell OPI. A regular size bottle of remover is $20 (they do smaller ones but I don't know how much they cost).
    With most polishes I use regular supermarket remover - at the moment I'm using Pam's remover from New World.

  3. Nice color!
    For glitters I use cotton pads with acetone remover and aluminium foil wrapped around my fingers, leave it on for a few minutes and you can wipe it all off :)

  4. You can also put a tinfoil wrap over your remover soaked pad for like 5 min and the tinfoil heats it just enough and makes it slide right off. :)

    don't worry about a giveaway if you aren't is NOT the only way to get followers. Those of us who have bigger followings are tweeting about your blog. I know followers are important but remember its also valuable who comments. I wouldn't care if I had 50 followers and never got more if 10 to 15 of them regularly posted on my blog and interacted with me. I LOVE the interaction and the followers are very nice, but the interaction is what makes me feel like I'm touching others.

    Please feel free to tweet me or email me if you want to chat, cuz I saw your post a week or so ago. It is a process, but you will get there. My best advice is to truly post what you LOVE, what makes you feel passionate about it and in YOUR style. That way your followers/commenters will really enjoy what you talk about and post because they like your cool personality. Which, I'm betting its awesome!
    My email: dragonrhia(at)gmail(dot)com

    Also, my apologies for such a long comment on your blog. But I do check in to see what you've got going on every post, even if I don't always comment. ;)