Thursday, March 29, 2012

Models Own Hed Kandi Collection

This was just posted on Models Own Facebook wall.

NEW from Models Own - the Hed Kandi collection! We’ve joined forces with Hed Kandi to create an exclusive collection of nail polishes inspired by the party capital of the world, Ibiza! Includes (from left-to-right) the flirty Beach Party, a sunny, bright and intoxicating polish inspired by the world famous sunsets on the White Isle; Balearic Cool, a crystal aquamarine blue inspired by the waters of Formentera; Disco Heaven, a glittery, gold disco bomb; Ibiza Mix, a dense multi-coloured day-night sparkle; Hedonist, a no inhibition hot neon coral. Launching online from April 10th and available in select Boots NOW! Which is your favourite?

Ohhh and don't the two glitters just look amazing?!

Lots of Love

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Color Club Hipnotic

Look what arrived in the mail today.....

Color Club Hipnotic. This is my first Magnetic polish and I couldn't wait to try it out.

Sorry about the crappy condition of my nails. For some reason they are just not growing at all. I'm waiting for some new nail hardener to arrive in the mail.

Color Club Hipnotic - Natural Light

This is a beautiful colour. A deep burgundy shimmer colour. It is lighter on the nail before you use the magnet on it.

This was a lot easier than I had imagined it to be, although it is slightly time consuming. You apply the first coat of polish as normal. Then one nail at a time, you apply the second coat of polish, (I used a thick second coat) and then hold the magnet over your nail for 5-15 seconds (I just counted to 15) Unfortunately because of the magnet being held over the nail you can not see the pattern forming, which would have been cool.

The Color Club magnets are attached to the top of the bottle (they remove off the handle of the polish for easy use) and have a little ridge which you can use as a height guide for how far away you hold the magnet from your actual nail.

Color Club Magnetic Force Magnet

I do have a few issues with these. All six Color Club polishes come with the same magnet pattern. This means to get the other shapes (diagonal lines or star) you will need to purchase a magnet from another brand. Secondly because I have little short nails, you do not actually get much of the wavey pattern showing up on the nail.

Overall these polishes are more fun than I thought they would be. They are very easy to use and a great way to add something extra to a regular mani.

Lots of Love

This polish was sent to me for review

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spotted in NZ: Color Club Magnetic Polishes

Magnetic Nail Polishes are finally making their way to New Zealand. These haven't quite yet been spotted in New Zealand but they are not far away! The following press release is from Color Club New Zealand.


MARCH 2012 – Auckland, New Zealand - Color Club NZ Ltd, distributor of the New York based nail color company announced today the debut of Magnetic Force, the new magnetic nail polish collection coming this April. The Magnetic Force Collection features six nail polishes -- from Cop an Attitude to Steel of the Night and Electro Midnight. This new vegan, formaldehyde, toluene and DBP-free collection comes with a magnet cap that creates a one of a kind wave design on the nail. To use: Apply two coats of polish, while the second coat is still wet, hold the magnet over the nail for 5 seconds and a wave design will appear.

Introducing the Magnetic Force Collection by Color Club:

Color Club’s Magnetic Force Collection will be available in New Zealand from mid-April 2012. All Color Club products are made in the USA and are not tested on animals.

A favorite of celebrity manicurists and nail color fans worldwide, Color Club is renowned for its high performance rich shades and exceptionally safe products. From the brightest neons, to glitter and French, all nail colors are vegan, formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP -free – and made in New York, NY with the best raw materials. Color Club is available in New Zealand in selected Pharmacies and Fashion stores including Amazon Surf & Skate.

Lots of Love

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green Spam for St Patrick's Day

Nfu Oh 55 over Color Club Age of Aquarius

Zoya Apple

Orly It's Not Rocket Science

Orly Here Comes Trouble

Orly Here Comes Trouble - over black

OPI Glow Up Already!

Orly - Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air - Over Black

Nubar Meadow Sparkle

Milani Hi-Tech


Color Club What a Shock!

Color Club The Lime Starts Here

Color Club Perfect Mol-ten

Color club Age of Aquarius

Color Club Twiggie

China Glaze L8R G8R

China Glaze Jolly Holly

H&M Envy Me

Inglot 319

Color Club Glitter Envy

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

China Glaze Lazer Lime

Zoya Mitzi

Models Own Evergreen

Models Own Peacock Green

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Doing this I realised that I still have a lot of greens I have never swatched. Im thinking that while I try to save up for my big trip to Canada and America in September/October I go on a no buy and try and swatch some more of the polishes I already own. It will be hard as there is so many great collections being produced at the moment. But if I don't buy them now, I can get the cheaper while in America. Grrrrrrr its so hard!

Lots of Love

Friday, March 16, 2012

OPI Metallic 4 Life

Metallic 4 Life is from the Recently released Nicki Minaj collection. These are in New Zealand stores now.

OPI Metallic 4 Life - Natural Light

It is a black base with silver glitter. This is three coats. Its a tad difficult to apply because of the glitter and very hard to remove, again because of the glitter. I am a big fan of wearing glitters over black polish, and this just puts both into one polish. It would be cooler if the silver glitter was holographic though.

Lots of Love

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Warning Fake Shellac for sale on Groupon

Groupon in New Zealand are advertising a product called Shellac for sale on their website.
This is a FAKE product, form a Chinese company called Bluesky.
The only real produces of shellac are CND and they are not endorsing the sale of this product.

I found this review online here about bluesky shellac:

"i bought one colour, the base coat and top coat of this not realising it was different from the proper CND, i tried it on myself and 3 other memebers of my family before trying it on my customer. we all have different uses, one has a horse, her's peeled of the 1st day, one is a "normal housewife" 2 peeled of the 2nd night and the rest lasted a week, mine, chipped, i am a trained nail tech and data processor, but worse of all, my mum had such a bad reacation to it that the skin on her fingers literally ripped and bleed within 2 days of application, so badly that i had to VERY CAREFULLY file them off as they are so swollen and sore i dearnt' but acetone anywhere near them. when i wanted to contact the company to tell them, the only address on the bottle is china! this obviously wont happen to everyone, it didnt happen to the rest of us, but it definately doesn't even last a week so i have ordered the proper CND which i will test on myself before my family and clients"

This Groupon deal might seem like a good deal, but it is not true shellac.

Do not make the mistake of thinking it is real shellac.

Lots of Love


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A England Saint George

Unfortunately my nails are taking a while longer than I hoped to recover, so at the moment they are supper short nubbins. But nubbins look great in dark colours so I thought since it was sunny today when I got home from work I would try out A England Saint George.

This polish has got to be one of my all time favourites ever! And in a collection of almost 600 polishes this is a big deal.

A England released the Legend collection at the start of this year. It contains 7 polishes, 6 of which are holographic.

According to the A England website Saint George was a:

Bearer of a valiant & courageous heart, this fathomless teal reveals the strength of the brave knight's convictions with his gleaming, fiery core.

A England Saint George - Sunshine

A England Saint George - Shade

This is a dark teal polish that in the sun sparkles an awesome rainbow. I had to compress these pictures so you cant see the rainbows as well as you can in real life. This is two coats, although you could get away with just one. The formula is perfect and dry time is quick. A England polishes always seem to have great forumlas and are super easy to apply.

A England polishes are available from the website Shipping is quite often free and is super fast (especially all the way to New Zealand). These work out to be about NZ$17 a polish.

Lots of Love

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Color Club The Great Divide

The Great Divide is one of the fracture polishes in the second batch by Color Club. It is beautiful in the bottle. It is a Dark blue full of green and gold glitter, that would be gorgeous as a regular polish (I wish it was a regular polish)

Color Club The Great Divide
(Sorry the pink bits in the bottle are the reflection from my pink camera)

Color Club The Great Divide over Color Club OoooooLaLa - Natural Light

Lots of Love

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The first wedding photo

So my photographer is holding back on sending me the CD of my wedding photos. I am not really happy about that at all. It has been 4 weeks since my wedding and I want my photos!
I did however manage to get a copy of one of them.

This is us walking back down the aisle after the ceremony.

Lots of Love