Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lilac Holo Comparison

Hi all,

Ive been working on this for a while now but everytime I went to do it the sun would disappear - finally on Sunday we had a day full of sun!!!!

Left to Right - OPI DS Original, China Glaze IDK, OPI Sand-erella

China Glaze IDK - sunshine

China Glaze IDK - close up

First up is China Glaze IDK. As you all know by now the China Glaze OMG Collection is my most favourite collection ever. This is two coats but if your in a hurry 1 coat is ok, but two evens it out perfectly. The holographic-ness of this polish is almost always visible (although not so much when you look at the bottle). It glides on the nail so easily and requires no clean up. I LOVE IT

OPI Sand-erella - sunshine

OPI Sand-erella - up close

OPI Sand-erella is from the Summer For Shore Collection from 2003. I looked on ebay and they are selling for around US$18 each and is classed as a HTF (Hard to find) polish. This here is 4 coats! The fist few coats are very sheer and to get the colour darker and more like it is in the bottle you need more coats. The holograhic effect of this polish is more spread out and looks more like little scattered bits of glitter. This bottle does show the holographic-ness all the time.

OPI DS Original - sunshine

OPI DS Original - up close

This is OPI original from the Designer Series. This is 3 coats. It is slightly darker than Sand-erella. Again the holographic-ness is scattered and spread out. One problem I had was while I was trying to open the bottle the silver coating on the handle all started rubbing off onto my hands - not cool. now my bottle lid is a patchy silver and black :(

And a side by side comparison:

Left to Right - OPI DS original, China Glaze IDK, OPI Sand-erella

IDK is more blue toned than the two OPI polishes. The glitter apperance in DS original is slightly bigger than that of sand-erella. Both of these have a scattered appearance where as IDK seems to make a cute smooth rainbow of holographic-ness (like all of the OMG collection does).

IDK is the easiest to get a hold of out of these three polishes, and takes less coats to apply. Sand-erella and Original are HTF polishes and will cost a bit more (I think this is due to the fact that they are older polishes than IDK is and therefore rarer).

My favourite is always going to be China Glaze's IDK.

Hope this was helpful.

Lots of Love


  1. These are so gorgeous! I only own Milani Hi-Res, can't find anything else.

  2. We cant get Milani where I live - I also wanted to compare these to Color Club Fashion Addict but I don't have one of those yet :( - also not where I live.