Sunday, July 4, 2010

China Glaze For Audrey + Layering

Believe it or not we have actually had some sunny days this past week in Wellington, which meant I got to catch up on some swatching.

A polish Ive had for a while but not tried out was China Glaze For Audrey. This polish had a lot of hype about it on the blogosphere...

China Glaze for Audrey - Sunshine (YAY!)

....But I dont get it. This wasnt like my other China Glaze polishes that I love so much. It was streaky and gulgy and I dont even really like the colour that much. This was two coats and they were painful to paint on. Maybe I got a dud bottle but I'm just not loving it - Sorry.

So I did what I always do to creme polishes I don't like much by themselves.....

OPI Baby Blue over China Glaze For Audrey

....I layered a coat of OPI Baby Blue (from my last post) over the top of For Audrey. This I like much much better, but I think it is down to the awesomness of Baby Blue not For Audrey.

Hope everyones weekends are going well.
Lots of Love


  1. I love this one for toes, and prefer Diamond Cosmetics Oh Tiff for tips. Oh Tiff has a better formula, is slightly lighter, and has a very very subtle shimmer. I do like For Audrey though :)

  2. Ive never tried ant Diamond Cosmetics polishes - Ive never seen any where I live (that I know off). Guess Ill have to look into that :)

  3. I love this shade so much and have extreme anger after striking out with awful, awful formulas with the For Audrey and Chanel Nouvelle Vague!!

  4. Maybe this colour is jinxed! :P - one of those ones noone can get right