Friday, September 30, 2011

Last day to enter my giveaway


Sorry for the lack of posts lately.
I have the Flu (this is day 4) and basically want to die.

Today (tomorrow for those on the other side of the world) is the last day to enter my 500 followers giveaway. Get those entries in to win!

Lots of Love

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I love getting nail mail

Friday was a great nail mail day for me.

My models own order finally made it to New Zealand.

Top row: Purple Mystique, Golden Peach, Magenta Divine, Evergreen
Bottom row: Blue Med, Purple Haze, Lilac dream, Bluebelle, Peacock Green

These are the polishes I ordered from the 50% of sale. There were a few extra I wanted but they were sold out. Models own polishes are usually £5 each. International shipping is £9.95. All up my order with the 50% discount only ended up costing $65.99, which is only $7.33 a polish. I cant wait to try these out.

I am a huge Disney fan. It sucks because we don't have any Disney stores at all in New Zealand. I saw these on Ebay and had to have them.

Top row: Jasmine, Rupunzel, Pocahontas, Belle, Mulan
Bottom row: Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana, Aurora, Ariel

These are small only 6mls each. The packet says that they are adult cosmetics, so I am hoping they are decent quality. Although based on the smell I assume that they are not B3F. These came from Hawaii and did end up costing a bit. I paid US$55 for the polishes alone. But as I said, I am a huge Disney fan, and when it is combined with nail polish, I couldn't say no.

Hope your all having a good weekend. Its raining here and I need to clean the whole house.

Lots of Love

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A England Iseult

I am quickly falling in love with A England and their beautiful polishes.

Todays polish is Iseult - the fair lady.

The legendary beautiful princess forever linked to Tristam after they mistakenly drank a love potion that left them eternally in love with each other in a powerful romance and tragedy.

A England Iseult - White Light

This is a pale pink shimmer. The shimmer is very fine and is slightly iridescent, but does not over-power the pink. The formula is perfect. Two coats and it is perfectly opaque. The consistency is great, nowhere near runny and not too thick.

A England has got free shipping worldwide at the moment. My last order took less than a week to get all the way from England to New Zealand.

I have two more of these polishes to show you at a later date. A England are gearing up to release a new collection soon as well. I can wait to see what they come up with. These are amazing quality polishes.

Lots of Love

Monday, September 19, 2011

Color Club Clean Break

This is one of the fractures I was most looking forward to trying out.

Color Club Clean Break - shade

Color Club Clean Break - sunshine

Clean Break over Color Club Wicked Sweet, Disco Dress,
Peace out Purple and Raspberry Rush.

This swatches use different thickness coats of Clean Break, with a tick coat on the left, moving towards a thinner coat on the right. You can see how Clean Break cracks and fractures differently based on the thickness of the coat used. You can create fractures in different directions by brushing the polish on in a different direction.

I love the stark white of this fracture and the way that it can bring a skittle mani together as one. In the shade you can see how it appears matte. however it really is more of a regular creme polish.

Lots of Love

This polish was sent to me for review.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Orly Here Comes Trouble

This is one of the polishes I picked up the other day from the Pin Up collection.

Orly Here Comes Trouble - Natural Light

Orly Here Comes Trouble - Sunshine

This is three coats. It has two different sizes of green glitter. The problem is that it has a funny yellow green base that appears in the gaps not coated in glitter. I think it is better as a top coat to avoid the funny green base coat.

Orly Here Comes Trouble over Black - Natural Light

Here is two coats over black. I love this.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Lots of Love

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spotted in NZ: Orly Pin Up Collection

Spotted these at Farmers today.

I picked up the two glitters, Bubble Bombshell (the Purple/Fuchsia glitter) and Here comes Trouble (The grass green glitter). I cant wait to try them out. Hopefully well get some sun over the weekend and I can do some swatching.

Farmers have put the price of their Orly polishes up to $24.99 now.
Luckily I had some gift vouchers because there is no way I would pay that much for a polish.

Lots of Love

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nfu Oh Neon Collection

There is a new Spring Neon Collection from Nfu Oh.
None of these have names and as far as I can tell neither does the collection.
These will be in New Zealand at the end of September.

Lots of Love

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A England Galahad

Last month A England held a competition on their facebook page. Each day they posted a picture of one of their polishes. All you had to do was tag yourself in one of the pictures to enter. One person then won that polish.

Would you believe I actually won one! I won a brand new bottle of Galahad. I figured I might as well order some more while I am at it so I ordered Iseult, Avalon and Tristam (swatches of these to come later on).

The first A England collection is called The Mythicals.
I wasn't sure what Galahad means but luckily their is a glossary on the A England website.

Galahad is the pure knight. (Son of Lancelot) the achiever of the holy grail. Renowned for his gallantry and purity is considered the most perfect knight in the world.

A England Galahad - Natural Light

Galahad is a dusty medium teal creme. I don't own anything else like this. It is a grey/green toned teal colour. This is two coats. The consistency and feel of this creme polish is perfect. It is very pigmented and could be used as a single coat. Try time is great and it drys to a great gloss finish.

Shipping was really cheap on these polishes and they only took a week to arrive from the other side of the world. Their customer service is excellent. I highly recommend these polishes. With shipping they only work out to be about NZ$15 each. Check out their website at

Lots of Love

Friday, September 9, 2011

Color Club Gimme a Grape Big Kiss

The rugby world cup has officially kicked off in New Zealand. The opening ceremony is on now. I'll be the first to admit that I cant stand watching rugby, but with only one tv in our tiny little flat, and a fiance who likes rugby, I cant avoid it as much as I would like. The world cup is the biggest sporting event our country will ever hold. It's a pretty big deal.

Color Club Gimme a Grape Big Kiss - White light

Now this was a purple that actually photographed well. This is three coats. This one is grape scented and comes from this years Wicked Sweet collection. I don't know if you have it in your countries but we have a brand of bubble gum here called Hubba Bubba and this polish smells just like the grape back the versions of that. Its a sweet, fake grape smell. This collection of polishes really does remind me of all the lollies and smells of when I was younger. I also love that the smell is strong enough to penetrate a top coat.

Lots of Love

Saturday, September 3, 2011

500 Follower Give-away


Hi Lovely Ladies,

The number of followers has been fluctuating between 495 and 499 for a while now, so it is about time for the:


Prize 1 consists of:
  • OPI Start to Finish
  • Zoya Color Cube Enchanted Evening
  • Sally Hansen Blush Diamond Nail Prism
  • OPI Pink Shatter
  • Glitter Gal Marine Blue 3d Holographic
  • Glitter Gal French Kiss Lip Gloss

Prize 2 consists of:
  • Splitting Image (blue Fracture)
  • Clean Break (White Fracture)
  • Kiss & Break Up (Pink Fracture)
Provided by the wonderful people at Color Club New Zealand


All prizes are brand new and unused.
They have been purchased by me for you.
Apart for prize 2, which is provided thanks to Color Club NZ.

Two winners will be drawn.
The first name will win prize one, the second will win prize 2.

This competition is open to any one in the world.
You just need to be a follower.
Competition will close on the 30th of September.

Just leave a comment below telling me:
1. Your follower name (1 entry)
2. What country you are in (1 entry)
3. What nail polish you want most in the world (1 entry)
4. If you tweeted or blogged about this giveaway (2 entries)

Lots of Love and good luck