Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear Nails...Why do you hate me?

I am having a bad (nail) day......

So I got Shellacked last Wednesday. Today is Monday. Two fingers are pealing off, and all the length on my little finger broke clean off while I was taking my jacket off this morning.

Now I am NOT blaming shellac on this. I am blaming my own nails. I have no doubt that if some one with thick, hard good condition nails gets shellaced then it will last forever on them. But when you have crappy, flakey, soft, bendable, brittle nails like mine, nothing seems to stay where it should.

My nails hate me. I decided to have a nail polish obsession and they decided to make it as difficult as possible for me.

I treat my nails with love and care, I moisturise, I use cuticle conditioner, I use nail hardener, I don't ruin my cuticles, I use good quality polishes and remover and my nails just don't appreciate this!

It makes me sad :(
I want a new set.

I have read that Qtica nail hardener is the one to use. What would you recommend? At the moment I use OPI Nail Envy, which works, but not enough.

Hope all of your Monday's go better than mine :)
Lots of Love


  1. I so feel your pain,, my nails peel in layers... I wonder what vitamins and minerals we are missing in our diet that is causing this issue?

  2. I'm going to spend tonight researching

  3. new follower :)

    Aw, I'm so sorry, how about if you apply several coats of basecoat/treatments to help thicken up your mani. I have to do this to cover up my ridges.

  4. I've had good results lately with two layers of Instant Artificials as a base coat; not sure if that's available in NZ.

  5. How awful for you and I know what your going through. Try some of the mineral Biotin, it's helped me. I still have a little peeling on the edges of my nails. It's really made a difference in my nails.

  6. The one thing that has made the biggest difference in mine is taking prenatal vitamins. Before that they were the extremely thin bendable kind but now I have the hardest nails of my life!

  7. I use NailTek II or III every time I polish and I think it's helped build stronger nails (more than OPI's did).

  8. I'm in the same boat. Some months will be great with no breaking or peeling. Then another month will just be horrible. My diet plays a huge role in nail health. If I eat poorly, or not enough they begin to show it.
    I used to use Sally Hansen "Hard as wraps" and it worked great but it can peel off. Actually it made polish removal very easy hehe. It hasnt been easy for me to find lately though.

    I love your blog and Im now following!

  9. Thanks for the help girls. I'm going to go and find some Biotin and prenatal vitamins (and hope my partner doesn't find them and jump to the wrong conclusion) and hope that they help :)

  10. You know, I have the same issue as you, I LOVE nailpolish, but have soft nails that don't grow and just peel. My polish only stays on a day or two, and even after 24 hours, I would still be able to dent the polish.

    I decided to get acrylics. It was the best decision ever. I now spend about $40 ever 3-4 weeks to have them done and painted, and now have beautiful, long, strong nails. I go to a reputable salon, and have a fab nail tech, Sarah. My nails will have no permanent damage if and when I choose to get my acrylics off.

    The best thing is that my polish only takes about 10 min to dry fully, and I can wear the same polish for about 2 weeks with no chipping, and only have to take it off because of the growth at the cuticles.

    For me, acrylics were the best thing ever. I'm very sporty and do a lot with my hands, and I think I've broken 3 nails in the year I've been getting acrylics. It's definitely worth the consideration.