Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CND Effects

Today I went to get shellac done on my fingers again thanks to the lovely Kathy at the Finishing Touch Nail Salon in Wellington. Hopefully this will be tomorrows post once I get some good pictures of it.

Before Kathy applied my shellac she tried out some of the new CND Effects nail polishes on me.

There are 15 polishes in the CND Effects collection. 3 Pearls, 6 Shimmers and 6 Sparkles. They do different colours in each finish so that you can accent or change the colour of your manicure with these top coats. For a list of all the effects polishes available check out the CND website.
First Kathy applied a layer of CND Inkwell. This is a dark blue creme polish. It looks almost black in the bottle, but is actually a really dark blue.

Next we did a different effect on each finger.

left to right - Sapphire Sparkle, Ice Blue Shimmer, Lavender Pearl, Gold Sparkle

Sapphire Sparkle (#561) is a blue based sparkle, that makes the blue and a fine glitter show up on the nail.
Ice Blue Shimmer (#555) lightened the Inkwell and gave it a shimmer finish.
Lavender Pearl (#552) brought out the purple of Inkwell and gave it a pearl finish.
Gold Sparkle (#559) was a gold hued glitter that made Inkwell look more black, with very fine gold glitter on top.

For more pictures of the other effects polishes check out swatches at The Nailphile.

These are being sold at The Finishing Touch Nail Salon in Wellington for $25. They are a special order and need to be ordered in for you. As soon as I get a job and some money I will definitely be investing in some of these effects polishes. They make a polish last longer and become more versatile as you can change a regular polish after a couple of days and turn it into something special and different.

Lots of Love

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