Thursday, July 15, 2010

Help me please!!!!!

Dear fellow bloggers

How do you make your blog popular and get lots of followers? I just don't know how to do it.
Its been over 5 months and I only have 32 followers. Others have hundreds by this stage.
Is it because I am from a little country? Are my posts not exciting or pretty enough?

I need advice. (Google doesn't really like you searching for "how to make your blog popular")
I know there are lots and lots of other blogs out there exactly like this.
Any one who follows me I add their blog to my blog role - but why don't other people add me? I don't know if I am on any ones blog roll at all.

Please help me!

Lots of Love


  1. Have you been commenting on people you follow's blogs? That has helped me a lot.

  2. My suggestion to you would be to seek out other bloggers who comment on blogs you currently follow. If you click on peoples names in comments it should usually show you if they have blog themselves. Check out their blog and follow them if you like them. I found that following and supporting other smaller bloggers usually brings them to support and follow you back.

    I know if I have a new blogger commenting on my blog I find their blog and follow them. Just like I did with you! Also make sure to leave comments on blogs if you genuinely like something they posted or if a commenter has blog take the time to comment on theirs. I can tell you even though I haven't been blogging for very long I appreciate comments most. It's nice to have lots of followers, but reading comments is something I enjoy the best.

    My other suggestion would be to create a Twitter account based on your blog and start following other nail bloggers who tweet. I'd tweet with other bloggers this gets your name out there. Also Fridays on Twitter are "Follow Fridays" where many people will share with their twitter followers other people on twitter they like and think you should follow. I've found many bloggers this way myself.

    I think it's all about networking and trying to find people who will mutually support your blog. Many people might say throw a giveaway, which will definitely have you gain more followers, but you have to think that a lot of people may just be following for the giveaway. I don't really suggest throwing a giveaway to gain followers. Giveaways are cool when they're to celebrate different milestones on your blog or for fun.

    I don't think anything is wrong with your posting. Everyone has different posting style when it comes to nail blogging. Some people are straight forward and share just their swatches and reviews while others do that and add some personal stories and touches. I read all sorts of blogs and I enjoy them all for different reasons.

    These are just some suggestions I know helped me. I hope this helps you out or gives you some insight! Whatever you do stay true to yourself.

    I just tweeted on Twitter about your blog. I hope that may help you too! :)

  3. Don't give up. Stardust is right on a lot of that stuff. And my only added advice is to be mindful of whose blogs you join and whose you choose to list on your blog list. Sometimes we end up following blogs that aren't blogs (in the sense of the definition) at all, they are just out to win your giveaway, not to really follow you and comment on your blog. Those are your true followers. :)

    I also retweeted Stardust's tweet so my followers would see about your blog. :) Happy Day!

  4. Thanks so much girls for the feedback. Twitter is not big here in New Zealand at all (facebook is huge though). I do comment on other blogs, it is hard when we don't get or see a lot of the brands of polish here either (I'm not trying to make excuses although it does sound like it haha). Some people do amazing things with their nails and polishes and I love to read about it and see pictures.

  5. You are on my blog roll :-)

    I think you post very good comparisons and other posts as well. Just keep writing for your own amusement, the followers will come in time. You might want to contact Brooke on Getcha Nails Did
    She regularly does "New Blogs on the Block" posts that attracts new readers to small blogs.

  6. thanks for that polish pig :)

  7. I started gaining followers when I started commenting AND following every blog I found. :)
    When I got 100 I had a giveaway and to enter they had to follow me and blog about by doing that I got MORE followers.
    It is all fun.
    :)I'm having a new giveaway:

  8. I don't know why anyone reads my insane ramblings! lol JK
    It takes time and work, commenting on other blogs is a huge help to let others find you.
    But I honestly believe that people will find blogs with genuine people who blog because they love it! (That has been my experience of the last year)

  9. I also started my blog recently, hang in there and i'm sure that other nail fanatics out there will find you :) I just started following you, great blog!

  10. I am having the same problem but I try to comment as many people as I can when I have time and I posted a link to my blog on my personal Facebook and I created a Twitter account (

    Keep it up though, I love your blog!