Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BYS Ruby Jewel

I couldn't work out what to write today's post on - I was not feeling the love or motivation today.

So here is a BYS I tried a little while ago.

BYS Ruby Jewel (sorry its in horrible light)

This was 3 coats. And a very thin and runny polish. Its a dark magenta pink with a slight shimmer to it. Its pretty but not great. It doesn't scream "you must buy me now".

I have a few more BYS polishes to post but I don't think I am their biggest fan to be honest. I always seem slightly disappointed with their polishes.

But I think everything is a bit bleak at the moment (Id probably hate any polish I tried on today) - less than 2 months left to finish my Masters Thesis and I am stressed out to the max! (I've got zits in places on my face I have never had them before, and I can only assume they are from the stress) and it just keeps raining and raining and its freaking cold!

Lots of Love

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