Thursday, March 31, 2011

Make Up Store Madeleine

Holo alert!

I bought this polish when I was in Melbourne last month. This is the only one I bought because damn they are expensive. This was AU$26 for only 8ml of polish! that means for a standard size 15mls of this you are looking at around AU$50!!!! which is almost NZ$70!!!

These polishes have been talked about a lot on Make Up Alley lately - actually just after I came back from Melbourne. I had never heard of the Make Up Store brand before (as it is not in New Zealand) so I am glad that I bought this one, and came home to see that so many people were lemming these holo polishes.

Make Up Store Madeleine - Sunshine

As you can see this is a linear holographic polish. The rainbows are long and formed as opposed to scattered all over the place. This is three coats, and it definitely needs it. It is quite sheer and uneven. Dry time was standard and the brush was great and made it easy to apply. My biggest problem with this polish is that the holo only really shows up in the sun. In the shade it looks like a slightly odd metallic foil.

Make Up Store Madeleine - Shade

All up it is an ok polish. I think the hype surrounding these make up stores in around the fact that they are linear holos and these are few and far between. China Glazes OMG polishes are also linear holographics but are very hard to find and are starting to get rather expensive now.
The price is a major turn off for this polish for me. Luckily for my wallet there are no Make Up Store retailers in New Zealand so I don't have to worry about being tempted to buy any more of these.

Lots of Love

Monday, March 28, 2011

300 Followers Giveaway!

Thanks to all those who took the time to enter

So unfortunately overnight we went back down to 299 followers :(
But I promised a giveaway so here it is.....

Prize includes:
BYS Colour Change Purple Glitter
BYS Colour Change Blue
BYS Nail Art Mirror Silver
BYS Nail Art White
BYS Cracked Patel Purple
BYS Cracked Pink
OPI Start to Finish
BYS Diamond Shadow (eyeshadow)

(all of these are brand new and unused. These have all been purchased by myself for the purpose of this giveaway)

This give away is open internationally and will close in one months time, on Saturday 30th April.

The rules:
  1. You must be a follower (Please put let me know your GFC name) and provide an email address (1 entry)
  2. Blog about this give away or put it in your side bar (1 entry) please provide a link
  3. Add me to your blog roll (1 entry) please provide a link
  4. Tell me how many polishes you have in your stash (1 entry)
  5. Tell me what your favourite polish colour is to wear (1 entry)
  6. Tell me what your favourite polish finish is to wear (1 entry)
  7. Tell me what country you are in (I love to see where you are all from) (1 entry)
Just leave a comment below with your details :)

Lots of Love and Good Luck!

P.S. Melanie asked me to answer the questions above too.
I have just over 350 polishes in my collection.
My favourite colour to wear is purple
and I love holo polishes the most

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Upcoming Nail Polish Collections

Hello Ladies!!

We made it to 300 followers over the weekend so there will be a new giveaway next week.
We got back a few hours ago from the wedding over the weekend and I am so tired!

Polish brands are finally starting to realize how important the internet is and how much information gets shared this way. These companies are finally letting us know about upcoming collections sooner rather than later and not trying to stop people from sharing this information before they want them to.

So here is a post about all the upcoming collections that have been announced recently.


OPI has lots of collections coming up soon. A movie one, a brights one, a soft shades one and the next Fall/Winter collection.

OPI Femme de Cirque (Softshades) - due for release April 2011

OPI Nice Stems (Brights) - due for release June 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean (Brights) - Includes Silver Shatter! - due for release May 2011

OPI Shatters!!!! - Due for release in May 2011
OPI Touring America - due out for Fall/Winter 2011 (ages away)

Color Club

Colour club has released a few extra spring/summer collections this year with the glittery Starry Temptress collection and the scented Wicked Sweet collection. These are already available in some parts of the world, and if you really cant wait (like me) you can order online at

Color Club Wicked Sweet (scented collection)

Color Club Starry Temptress (Glitter!)


Zoya has some great bright summer colours coming up with the sunshine ans summertime collections. I cant wait to get some of the Sunshine collection - these are glass effect finishes with duo-chrome gold yellow flashes running through them. Zoya are also the first to bring our some bright coloured matte polishes!

China Glaze

China Glaze has a couple of collections coming out soon. After the release of their holographic Tronica collection and the spring/summer collection Anchors Away, they have a smaller summer collection coming out, and there is also a bit of information on their upcoming fall/winter collection.
China Glaze Island Escape - due for release April (??)

China Glaze Metro - due for release July 2011

Nicole By OPI

After spotting Nicole by OPI finally in New Zealand, I am hoping we get more of these polishes here.
Nicole by OPI Something about Spring - out now in America as a Target Exclusive collection.

Lots of Love

*Thanks to all the people on the internet who posted these pictures*

Thursday, March 24, 2011

BYS Shimmer Hollywood Hills

Just a quick post today. Tomorrow we drive up to New Plymouth for a wedding over the weekend and I have so much to do.

This is BYS Shimmer Hollywood Hills.

BYS Shimmer Hollywood Hills -sunshine

3 coats. Applies easy. Is quite sheer for the first few coats. It really is a neon bright lime green. Im not sure how the name fits in, but its a cute colour for summer. It has a gold shimmer running through it, and is very unique in my collection.

I'll see all you lovely chickadees in 3-4 days! Have a good week!

Lots of Love

P.S. 3 more followers and there will be a 300 followers giveaway! Hopefully when I get back from the wedding.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Essence Twins Mr. Big and Carrie

A couple of weeks ago I received an amazing package from Jill in Switzerland. I sent her some stuff she was after and to say thanks she sent me 30 (yes 30!) nail polishes from Europe. There were Essence polishes, H & M polishes, Catrice polishes, Stamping plates, Glitter, nail art pens and accessories and amazing Swiss chocolates!

Inside my package was a whole set of Essence Nail Art Twin polishes. There are 4 sets in this collection, but today I am showing you just one set.

This is Mr. Big and Carrie

The polishes are labeled 1 and 2 so you know how to use them and pair them together! Super Cute! The polishes are 10ml (0.33fl. oz) each and a google search shows me that these sell for about €1.75 each.
Essence Nail Art Twin Mr. Big - sunshine

Essence Nail Art Twin Mr. Big - shade

This is two coats of Mr. Big. It was easy to apply and dried to a nice smooth slightly shiny gloss finish. If you were in a hurry and were using the top coat you could almost get away with only one coat of this colour.
Essence Nail Art Twin Carrie - sunshine

Essence Nail Art Twin Carrie - shade

This is only one coat of Carrie over the two coats of Mr. Big. The glitter is a few different shapes and sizes. The bigger bits of glitter in this are lighter pink hexagons and darker pink squares, floating in a pink jelly base filled with little tiny pink glitter pieces.

I love how these look together. I really like the combination and cant wait to try the three other colours I have.

Jill if your reading this - thanks so much once again!!!

Lots of Love

Monday, March 21, 2011

BYS Colour Change Blue Glitter

I have so many things to post about at the moment! I don't know what to post first!

So here is the first BYS Colour Change polish I tried out. These are available in New Zealand for NZ$8.90. Also available in Australia and online at

This is Blue Glitter. (pretty simple name huh?)

It was a lot more sheer than I expected. This is three coats. Applies easily, but takes a little while to dry. It applies dark (ie the colour of the polish in the bottle) but as it dries it changes to a very light sheer blue. There is little bits of silver glitter through out the polish, that is quite cute.

When your hands are warm it is a light blue. It is quite subtle, even with the glitter when it is this colour and I became quite fond of it like this.

BYS Colour Change Glitter Blue - warm state - natural light

When you make the polish cold it changes from light blue to only a slightly darker blue. I used cold water to get this to work.

BYS Colour Change Glitter Blue - cold state - natural light

I was actually kind of disappointed with the lack of colour change, but in saying that the two colours on the bottle lid are these two here - so in that sense it is meeting its own standards. I think a darker blue would have been nice.

What do you think? have you tried the BYS colour change polishes?
I've got another three to try out, so we will wait and see how they all are.

Lots of Love

Saturday, March 19, 2011

China Glaze Mail

Look what arrived yesterday and was waiting for me on the front doorstep when I got home from work.....

The entire China Glaze Tronica collection!!!!!!!

All thanks to smoochiefrog (aka Tina) from Manicure Mommas. Yet again she has come to the rescue sending me a whole collection I couldnt otherwise get. I love her.

Thanks once again Tina!
I cant wait to start using these before the last of our summer ends and the sun disappears. There is a whole lot of holographic goodness that needs to be worn!

Lots of Love

Friday, March 18, 2011

Color Club Poptastic Sale (NZ only)

The other day I mentioned that Color Club is now selling polishes online at

To celebrate opening their store all Color Club Poptastic polishes are on sale for NZ$8.90. This is a great deal! in stores nationwide these retail for $16.90 (I have seen them for $22.90 in one store!)
There is 20 Poptastic colours to choose from.

Left to Right: Almost Famous, Wham! Pow!, Poptastic, Warhol, Pucci-licious, Twiggie, Chelsea Girl

You can check out swatches from this collection by searching "Color Club" on my previous posts.

Shipping is $3.90 to anywhere in New Zealand.
Grab yourself a bargain while you can.
I will be breaking my current no buy to get some of the extra polishes from this collection.

Lots of Love

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green spam for St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I am tired and grumpy so today's post is just some green spam. Some you have seen before and some you haven't (these may be featured in posts later on).

China Glaze Jolly Holly

Nubar Reclaim

Color Club Twiggie

Orly It's not Rocket Science

China Glaze L8R G8R

Orly Meet me under the Mistletoe

Nubar Meadow Sparkle

OPI Bikini Envy

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

Color Club What a Shock!
(This is what I wore today for St Patrick's day)

Hope you had a great day with lots of green polish.

Lots of Love

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nicole by OPI One less lonely Glitter

I caved....

I feel so embarrassed. I said I would never buy any of the Justin Beiber polishes - because I am about twice the age of a standard Justin fan, and to be honest I find him annoying. The first time i heard his music I thought it was a girl.

If the glitter and the purple hadn't have won me over I would not have bought this. I found it at Life Pharmacy for $18.90, and they had a full untouched display on the counter.

Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Glitter - inside natural light

I have never had to take so many pictures of a polish to get a good one. Its been raining for a couple of days here so this picture was taken in my bathroom. It is pretty colour accurate here. This was 4 coats. 3 would have been fine but I wanted it as dense as I could get. This is a couple of different sized purple glitter in a clear base. It is a really nice simple one colour glitter.

Nicole by OPI now has pro-wide brushes so they are easy to apply.

Did you get any of the Justin Beiber polishes? Did you avoid getting any of these polishes because of Justin?

Lots of Love

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Color Club Rebel Debutante Day 7: Ms. Socialite

The final polish of the Color Club rebel Debutante collection is the darker purple Ms. Socialite.

Color Club Ms. Socialite - sunshine

Color Club Ms. Socialite - shade

Because it is a purple it is hard to get colour accurate in photos. The one is the sunshine is closest to the real colour. It is a very red toned purple. This one is a little bit on the runny streaky side. This is still 3 coats, but is a little uneven if you look close enough in the sun.

Final thoughts on this collection:

Browns and Purples. All Cremes. Not very exciting to be honest. They were all great formulas with good drying times. It has a very professional feel to it, they seem appropriate work colours, and seem to fit in well with the fall/autumn season, with the colours being on trend to match this years fashion (caramel coloured coats are the in thing this winter in New Zealand).

Hope you have a great weekend and lots of pretty polish.

Lots of Love

This polish was sent to me for review.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Color Club Giveaway winner

The winner of the New Zealand Color Club give away is Sam C from Auckland.
Congratulations Sam!

Thanks so much for Color Club New Zealand for sponsoring this giveaway and donating such an awesome prize!

Color Club New Zealand has just started selling polishes online to New Zealanders at
Shipping is only $3.90 within New Zealand and at the moment polishes are only $13.90.

Lots of Love

Thursday, March 10, 2011

1 year Blog Birthday!

Today marks one year since I started Never Ending Obsession.

I had seen many blogs about nail polish and with my rather large nail polish collection, I thought, I can do that too.

It has been amazing!

I love all my followers. I love reading comments, as well as other peoples blogs.

There will be another international give away when I get to 300 followers.

Today is also the final day for New Zealanders to enter my Color Club Rebel Debutante collection give away.

I wish you all a fabulous nail day.

Lots of Love

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Color Club Rebel Debutante Day 6: She's So Glam

Color Club Rebel Debutante Day 6: She's So Glam

This is a light to medium pink creme.

Color Club She's So Glam - sunshine

Color Club She's So Glam - shade

Application and formula are great. This is three coats. This drys with quite a glossy shiny finish.

It is a very cute young looking light pink. A very easy colour to wear.

She's so Glam is a nice polish but in no way unique. It does fit well with the rest of the collection, but is not something that is hard to find anywhere else.

I think this one is actually more spring/summer than fall/autumn like the rest of the Rebel Debutante collection.

Today is the last chance for New Zealanders to win the whole Rebel Debutante collection. Click here to go to the giveaway page for this giveaway.

Lots of Love

This polish was sent to me for review.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spotted in NZ: Nicole by OPI

The first set of Justin Beiber polishes released by Nicole by OPI have been spotted in Wellington (at Farmers on Lambton Quay) and Auckland (at Smith and Caugheys) and are selling for $19.95 each.

Picture thanks to Lisa (the other one who I will now refer to as Lisa W)
who I managed to convince to take using her iphone camera.

So far this is the only collection that has been spotted in New Zealand. At Farmers they are in the same section as the regular OPI polishes.

Luckily I am not a fan of Justin and am not hugely impressed by the polishes, so can save myself some money and start paying off my credit card.

Lots of Love

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not yet spotted in NZ: OPI Katy Perry

The New Zealand distributers of OPI assure us that the Katy Perry collection will be in stores in time for her New Zealand concerts. The problem here is that these concerts are three months away still - so does this mean the Katy Perry polishes are still 3 months away? (you can order them from Beyond Beauty in New Zealand online)

I knew I wanted the whole collection as soon as information was released about them.

Unfortunately about 6 weeks ago, on the day the went on sale at they sold out in 4 hours, with no guarantee they would be getting more in stock. He came my dilemma. Do I wait and hope they get more in stock, to I cross my fingers and hope they come to New Zealand, or do I find somewhere else to get them from.

After a lot of anguish, Lisa and I put in an order to for the Katy Perry polishes and Serena Grand Slam polishes. At Beauty of a site the OPI polishes retail for US$8.50 each. In total we ordered 14 polishes and paid NZ$242.61 (this included about US$55 postage) so we paid about $17 a polish.

Left to Right: OPI Black Shatter, Last Friday Night, Teenage Dream, Not like the movies, the one that got away.

So it may have cost a bit of money and took awhile to get here, but about 2 weeks ago my Katy Perry polishes arrived safe and sound in New Zealand. I'm glad I managed to get a hold of these. I would have been devastated if I couldn't. I am supper excited about using the two glitters in this collection! (I am not afraid to say that yes I am a glittah whore)

I saw plenty of these polishes in Melbourne at David Jones, random nail places and the duty free stores in the Airport. So they are easy to still find in Australia.

Unfortunately the weather has been utter crap this last week and I haven't been able to do swatches of any of my new polishes.

Hope your weekends went well.
Lots of Love

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Color Club Rebel Debutante Day 5: Uptown Girl

Day 5 of the Color Club Rebel Debutant Collection is a purple grey called Uptown Girl.

(Has anyone else spotted that I have posted these in the order they come in the box? - hehe)

Color Club Uptown Girl - sunshine

Color Club Uptown Girl - shade

This is a medium purple, which leans to the side of grey. I quite like it on my skin tone. I still have this feeling that these are great polishes for autumn/fall - I think it is mainly to do with the limited colours and the fact that all of them are cremes.

This is three coats. Dry time is great and its thickness and brush make it easy to use.
All of the polish in this collection are super shiny and glossy when they dry.

Lots of Love

This polish was sent to me for review.