Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nubar Night Sparkle

Continuing on with the Nubar Sparkle Collection we have the dark blue Night Sparkle

This one was a little bit of a disappointment (Maybe its just all dark blue glitters are) but just like China Glaze Blue Sparrow it dried matte-ish. So far none of the other Nubar sparkles have done this. Its a dark blue glitter in a medium to dark blue base. Because the base is so dark it takes the sparkle away from the glitter and makes it just look sort of like little bits of grit in the polish.

Outside in Sunshine

This was three coats. However when you went outside the glitter did show up a lot more in the sun.

Night Sparkle Close up

Hope your weekends are going well. We have had a week of non stop rain (with a break today) and it doesn't look too promising for next week either. Its also wayyyyyyy toooo coooolllllddddd now.

Lots of Love


  1. I found a coat of Seche Vite made this one much better!

  2. We should do a comparison if there are any swaps you have to see if anything that the other wants (without the hassle of shipping).

  3. Ive got a few OPIs I wouldnt mind swapping. I dont really have any double ups though.

  4. Same here- mostly colours that don't like great on my skin tone etc.