Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What I Use: Nfu Oh Cuticle Remover

This only arrived the other day with my Nfu Oh order from the NZ Nail Academy.

Nfu Oh Cuticle Remover

You can't even feel it working its magic. It just does it. I just brushed it against my cuticle and 2 seconds later wiped away the whole cuticle with a cotton bud and they were gone. If you can get this I highly recommend you do. It seems like it will last for ages aswell because its a large 17ml bottle and you need hardly any to do both hands. Only took about 2 minutes to do both hands.

Lots of Love


  1. Wow, see I'm a cuticle weenie, I have NEVER tried one of these at home (yes the nail salons use it I'm sure...) but kinda scared too :( I'm a push-them-back and trim-them-up kinda gal...

  2. I've only just started pushing mine back - only the cuticles on my thumbs seem to have any desire to spread - so I'm in the scared category too!

  3. So was I until I tried this product! I was too scared to even cut mine. But with this you don't have to. All you do it wipe it on and wipe it all away.

  4. Is it better for your nails if you do?

    That's probably a stupid question but I am totally clueless re cuticles (other than keeping them moisturised, I'm good at that at least).

  5. To be honest I think it is an appearance thing and completely up to personal preference. having cuticles stops infections in the nail bed, so cutting them and getting rid of them improperly could lead to infection if not done properly

  6. I used sally hansen cuticle remover before, but it completely ruined my cuticles, so bleahxx!

    you are so lucky!! i really wanna get my hands on this product cuz i've heard nothing but good reviews about Nfu!

    Nfu. ohs retail at like SGD$40+ where I am!! :'( its so ridiculously priced.