Monday, May 10, 2010

Sinful Colors shimmer and disappointment

This was the continuation of my first bunch of Sinful Colors - that have only just arrived in our local pharmacies in New Zealand.

First off I tried out a glittery lilac colour called Purple Diamond.

Outside in sunshine

This was three coats. I thought it was actually really pretty. Its in between a glitter and a shimmer. I think more shimmery than glittery.

Purple Diamond - Close up in the sun

My aim was to swatch this colour and then the other lilac Sinful Color I had brought called Let Me Go. Then I was going to layer Purple Diamond on top of Let Me Go. But as you are about to see I was really disappointed with Let Me Go so gave up and stopped caring. Sorry girls but no layers today.

Let Me Go - Outside in the sun.

This was 4 coats! I gave up after that. Each extra one wasn't really even making it any darker. It is soooooo sheer! Not what I had wanted or expected when I picked it ahead of some of the other shades they had for sale on the shelf. This is not a 'me' polish at all and is going to be banished to the depths of my nail polish collection. (Which by the way is getting seriously out of control!)

Well that was kind of a disheartening post wasn't it?
Sorry about that. I had to get it off my chest. :P

On a good note my followers doubled over night!
Hello to all those who are new and thanks for following.
The more followers I get the closer we get to my first give away!

Lots of Love


  1. hmmm...these are disappointing - at least though we have this brand in the country - even though it will take years for them to get to NP! Guess I better plan a trip to Welly for some shopping. Scoped out nearly every pharmacy in town on Saturday and was really dissapointed with the turn out (the 2 places that are supposed to stock Color Club had next to nothing, but have found a few new brands to try - just waiting on pay day (once a month is a killer) to go get some. Found some e-tailers both here & in Oz that can do some of the good brands quite reasonably - but you gotta try (christchurch based)for OPI - mostly 14.50 ea (but some cheaper) plus really reasonable shipping - and fast too! Will let you know how some of the others go when I get round to ordering - Planning on ordering some Nfu-Oh's real soon - can't wait.

  2. Beyond beauty is a member of trade me (they just recently changed their name) Ive been buying from them for about a year now. They are good because they get the limited edition collections we don't get in the shops. I didn't think New Plymouth was that behind. Wellington isn't too bad but I know that they sell Zoya in Auckland and I have never seen that here. Oh Nfu-oh where did you find that? They have some amazing colours I would love to try.

  3. Talk to Debbie at NZ Nail academy about setting up a'polish only' personal account for Nfu-Oh. (i am dieing to try some holo's) Beyond Beauty r cheaper on their site than trademe - i guess no fees so thats always good. Am fairly sure I have seen Zoya at on e-tailer here in NZ (I decided to window shop online all weekend after crappy shopping here) will try to work out who that was...wait no here it is - it's, but they r $23.99 which is a bit ouch! But they also have something called 'scandal' polishes - which look a whole lot like Nfu-oh...may be worth a try?? And also they have Volt - which I saw on someones blog somewhere and they had good things to say bout it. Sorry the typing is all over the place - am typing and painting nails (OPI - Thanks So Muchness) at the same time - tricky as I'm sure you can imagine :)

  4. PS: Try for Zoya too - a lttle cheaper.