Friday, May 28, 2010

Essie and Shellac come to New Zealand

Essie and Shellac have arrived in New Zealand!!

Thread announced a while ago that Essie was coming to New Zealand. They say that Essie is coming to Salons and Department stores (I have been checking in Farmers but haven't seen them there yet). But I have as of this week seen them in New Zealand. Body and Skin in Wellington on Lambton Quay is the first place I spotted Essie. They are selling them for $23.50. I'm not sure of how big the range they are selling is yet.

Shellac has also come to New Zealand.
Image from Creative Nail Design.

I got a pamphlet from The Finishing Touch (Nail spa in Wellington) and they say:

"This revolutionary product is the answer to your nail problems. Shellac applies like a polish, wears flawlessly for 14 days of high gloss shine and is removed in minutes. A true innovation in chip-free extended wear colour."

The Finishing Touch are doing a Shellac Manicure for $55. So far there are 12 colours to choose from but they are aiming for 50 in the future. You can read about the release of Shellac in New Zealand, also on Thread here. And here is a list of Salons in New Zealand that are offering Shellac at the moment.

Check out the Creative Nails Website for New Zealand here.

I am so looking forward to getting shellacked when I have some money. I have to stop buying nail polishes for the next three months while I finish my thesis, otherwise I wont be able to pay my rent!

Lots of Love


  1. So exciting! Can't wait to try Shellac, although I'm likely to get bored with one colour for a whole 2 weeks.

    Will be great to have a local source for Essie too, although it will be hard to resist buying them from ebay - even with shipping, it is still cheaper than $23.

  2. So agree. All the Shellac colours are pinks, and reds - the usual conservative nail polish colours so aren't that exciting for 2 weeks.

  3. can you change the cnd website please to this way people can find a Shellac salon near there town.

  4. Lisa, pop in for a complimentary shellac sometime, would love to show you how good it is and there is a really cool dark colour called fedora which takes on all dark hughes. It would be great to see you again.
    Regards, Kathy, owner, the finishing touch nail spa/beauty therapy.

  5. Wow Kathy that would be amazing! Thanks so much