Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Orly It's up to Blue

Its my dads birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!
Mum and dad are coming to my house for dinner tonight and were having carrot cake with cream cheese icing for pudding. yummy!!

Today I broke one of my longest nails - from the hand I swatch polishes on. I'm so upset. I have very thin and brittle nails (swatching is probably not the best "profession" for me to be in) and they take ages to grow to a decent length.

The broken nail combined with the appalling weather we are having at the moment - There is a storm over our whole country - so no swatching is been done at the moment. I was actually thinking of putting some fake nails over the top of mine to protect them while they grow a bit.

Outside in Sunshine

This is Orly It's up to Blue, which I managed to swatch on the weekend (on the only sunny day we have had in over two weeks). Its not a very unique colour as there is lots of similar ones out there (OPI - Sea? I told you! - Comparison swatches will be done when the sun and my nails come back). Again its still weird with the thin little brushes that Orly has but apart from that its fine. This was 3 coats and there is still a quite visible nail line. It would have been nice if this was more dense and opaque.

Hope you guys are having a good week.
Lots of Love


  1. Would look great with a creme underneath maybe? I've starting doing this with some of my glitter polishes that I don't like putting layer after layer on (I don't like the soaking in acetone required to remove that) and it's a big improvement (for me). CG Dorothy Who being a good example.

    Jacie's (You've got nail) falsies look great. A broken nail sounds like a good excuse to try some on :)

  2. So true, I have the worst habit of actually picking off glitter polish from my nails. this usually happens while Im waiting at the bus stop and I so have to stop doing it!!