Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BYS First Impressions

BYS is an Australian brand, which has been available in New Zealand for ages. I have heaps of their eyeshadows. They are quite cheap but last on your eyes very well and they have lots of pretty shimmer colours.

Jacie from You've Got Nail is located in Australia and swatches quite a few BYS Nail Polishes. I had always avoided them as they are only $6 here (compared to OPI at $25) so seemed quite 'cheap' to me and I wasn't sure of their quality. Jacie said I should give them a go.

I'm glad I did. I bought 3 Polishes.

Envy Me - Outside in sunlight

This is so pretty. I used three coats here. This was the one I picked to wear for a day. I didn't use any top coat or base coat and I think this was a problem. After 3 hours it was already chipped. And we aren't talking a little bit of tip wear here, I mean good sized hunks missing.

However I am sure that if a top coat and base coat were used this pretty colour would last a lot longer.

Emerald Sparkle - Outside in sunshine

This is from the BYS Metallic collection. Its a lot darker than Envy me but they both seem to have the same metallic like finish. Again this is a really pretty colour. (I would love to see a OPI or China Glaze make pretty green shimmer colours like this)

Peacock Metallic - Outside in Sunshine

Another Metallic polish. This one seemed to have a different finish to it - more glittery than metallic. I tried to capture this on camera

I thought all three of these colours were pretty unique. I bought these three for that reason, that I didn't really have anything else like them. They have quite a reasonable size range of colours. The shop I get them from has a huge display always fully stocked up. I will definitely be going back to get some more.

I'm thinking that when I get enough followers that some BYS Nail Polishes will be my first give aways - especially good for those not in New Zealand or Australia.

Lots of Love


  1. Ok - so where do we find BYS in NZ...any particular chain you shop at?

  2. I got mine from Cosmetics plus. Ive bought some from Glassons before but they don't have the whole range. Also Bling (which is a jewellery shop)

  3. These look amazing on you Lisa!

    I'm glad you decided to give them a try. BYS lacquers are pretty good. I find the glitter formula to be not as good but the cremes, metallics and shimmers are brilliant.

    Oh, and yes, always use a top coat at least with these. Because the formula is so thin, they are more susceptible to chipping.