Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nubar Meadow Sparkle

The good news is that its stopped raining (for the moment) but there is still no sun....... and Ive only got more Nubar polish swatches done so surprise surprise its another sparkle swatch.

This is Nubar Meadow Sparkle

Outside in Sunshine

This polish applies like Petunia Sparkle does. The first coat goes on thin and hardly very glittery but acts as a base coat and the 2nd coat is glitter-taculous. This one was actually three coats as the colour isn't as bright so needed the extra once over.

This colour is no where near as bright as the rest of the collection and it does not seem to fit in. I wish they had have made it darker and brighter (not quite emerald sparkle dark but somewhere in the middle of the two would have been nice)

Close up in sunshine

This one is really just one plain glitter colour. No extra sparkles of another colour (added with the pastel-ness of this colour) so it appears duller than the other colours in this collection.

Kind of a disappointment when all the others in this collection are so sparkly and awesome.

Lots of Love

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