Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yellow Creme Comparison

Hi all, Hows your weekend going?
Yay the sun came out for a little while today! So I finally have something new to post

Today it is light yellow creme polishes

Left to Right - OPI Fiercly Fiona, Orly Spark, OPI Banana Bandanna, Miki B03510

Orly Spark

This is from the Orly Hot Stuff collection. Spark applied crappy. I think this ended up being 4 coats. The first few were runny and icky and to even it out I had to apply more and then they were going on thickly and I was just getting frustrated. I still didn't have even coverage after the 4 coats. Another thing that bugged me about this polish was how thin the brushes are (It may be because I am so used to the OPI Pro-wide brush) but this made application harder again.

OPI Fiercely Fiona

From the OPI Shrek Forever After Collection. My first review of Fiercely Fiona can be found here. This one only needs three coats for an even finish.

OPI Banana Bandanna

Again this is so much easier to apply thanks to the OPI Pro-wide brush. It gives a much much smoother finish and takes less coats to become even and smooth. This was three coats (I think this is sort of a minimum for light yellow cremes).

Miki B03510

This is a horrible polish to apply (see my first Miki review here). Although after doing all of these yellow polishes I have to say most of them are not application friendly at all.

Left to Right - Miki B03510 (index), OPI Banana Bandanna (Middle), Orly Spark (Ring), OPI Fiercely Fiona (Little)

I was surprised to see that Fiercely Fiona and Spark were the closest to each other. In the bottles Fiercely Fiona looks slightly greener but on the nail they are almost identical.

My favourite though has to be OPI Banana Bandanna - it is the easiest and smoothest to apply.

My poor pussy cat is still feeling lost and confused. The cone on her head has really thrown her. I think she thinks that is the reason she cant get out the cat door - which is really frustrating her (shes actually not allowed outside so that she doesn't catch any kind of infection - but you cant explain that to a cat). She just sits at the cat door meowing and looking sad.

Lots of Love


  1. I love cremes but don't own a light yellow yet. Their reputation for terrible application has always put me off. But after seeing your swatches I think I might pick up Banana Bandanna.

    Hopefully once the bad weather returns tomorrow Keera will be happy staying inside :)

  2. Thanks Lani - I think keera hates me at the moment for her situation. Shes finally getting some sleep inside my bed. I don't know how I would cope if I ever have a hurt child, a cat was hard enough - I was a wreak.

    But I am not looking forward to the storm they are predicting to come our way. It makes it so hard to keep this blog going!

  3. After this storm, and the crap past week, we certainly deserve some fine weather! In the meantime I'd be interested to hear about other nail products you use - top coat, base coat, cuticle products etc. Apologies in advance if you have previously posted that.

    Hopefully Keera starts to feel better soon. You would have thought that my old cat was my child, the way I acted sometimes. I had him for 17 years, and he passed away a few months ago. I still miss him terribly!

  4. okie dokie I can do those reviews for you.
    Gutted about your cat. Keera is 6 and because I dont have kids yet shes my baby too.

  5. Hey Lisa - this just made me want Banana Bandana even more!!! Trying to source it without going overseas - not sooo easy! Sounds like your cat must be on the up - if shes up and about its got to mean shes feeling a little better. I have 2 dogs that are my 'children' - 1 bichon (still a puppy) and a bichon / poodle cross - I know just how you feel.

  6. Hey Melinda - I was lucky because I got Banana Bandanna in America when I was there last November. At the moment I really want the summer flutter collection and it is proving hard to get. I wish we had an easier way to get them in New Zealand

  7. Guess what! Summer flutter is about 3 weeks away at Beyond Beauty - Yay!