Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nubar Fire Sparkle

Nubar Fire Sparkle

This sparkle glitter has a completely different feel from the first Nubar sparkle I tried (Petunia Sparkle). This one is based in a red base with red glitter as opposed to a clear base with lots of glitter. It seemed odd to me that the same collection has two different formulas - coloured base vs clear base.

Outside in Sunshine

This was three coats. And dries slightly matte. You can see because it has a red base the glitter isn't as strong as with a clear base as the colour of the base dulls the glitter down a bit. It also wasn't as thick so took more coats.

It does look a lot better in the sun than it does in the shade. In the sun you can also make out a little bit of gold/yellow/orange glitter.

Close Up - In Sunshine

That's all for today.

We haven't seen sun here in about a week now and its not looking promising either - I'm a bit stumped as to how to keep doing accurate swatches without the sun. Any ideas?

Lots of Love

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