Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sally Hansen Be-Jeweled

I'm getting a bit behind on posting all of my NOTDs. I have been changing my polish pretty much everyday during the week but then can not always be bothered posting them. My bad.

This is last Sundays NOTD.

Sally Hansen Be-Jeweled - Sunshine

Sally Hansen Be-Jeweled - Shade

This is from the 2011 Gem Crush glitter collection that Lisa bought back from America for me. This is three coats. It is a light purple glitter in a clear base, with bigger light pink bits of glitter. i loved the way is sparkles in the sun. It is really pretty.

I was doing my nails with this colour on Sunday when my mum turned up 30 minutes earlier than she was supposed to (we were going out to do wedding stuff) and I didn't have time to put a top coat over this glitter. The polish lasted well with no chips at all, but was bumpy and not smooth at all. But as i found out later on in the week whilst wearing another polish from this collection with layers of Zoya Armour and Seche Vite was that whole fingers of polish were flaking off at once. So I think they last best with no top coat, but I need to get used to them being bumpy and not smooth.

16 more sleeps to go!

Lots of Love