Sunday, January 29, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Glitter In The Air

Deborah Lippmann Glitter In The Air - Sunshine

Deborah Lippmann Glitter In The Air - Shade

Lisa bought this polish back from America for my Birthday. This is three coats. I think it is very sheer and I might try putting some light blue underwear under it (maybe OPI whats with the cattitude?). I did have to hunt for the glitter bits for the top coat. I think its delicate and pretty, but probably not worth the hype. Revlon also does a much cheaper dupe for this polish now called Whimsical.

Only 6 more sleeps until our wedding. I am not so stressed out yet but I have a feeling I may be in a couple of days when all of our family starts arriving.

Lots of Love

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  1. Wow! I'm so anxious for you to get married! Please, you have to post some pictures of it after ok? ^__^ That nail polish is really sheer, thank you for letting me know that fact. I have always fancied Glitter in the Air but I thought it was a bit more opaque. But still, it is a beautiful glitter, I'll just have to layer it ;)