Saturday, January 7, 2012

OPI Save Me

Save Me is the new bar glitter polish from OPI released as part of the 2012 Nicki Minaj Collection. This is not out yet in stores in New Zealand, but can be found online (MJ Nail Bank) and on TradeMe.

OPI Save Me - Sunshine

OPI Save Me - Shade

This is three coats. It is a clear base with regular silver glitter and multi coloured bar glitter. The bar glitter is mainly gold and teal coloured, but in the sun looks like a magical holographic rainbow!

The one problem I did have with this polish is that the bar glitter pieces went over the edge of the nail, so you sort of have to trim them once its dry so that they aren't hanging over the edge of your nail. (see my index finger above)

I personally don't think I will be wearing this by itself, I much prefer it over other polishes. I'm glad OPI listened to what people were asking for and made a bar glitter. Hopefully we will see some more in the future.

Lots of Love


  1. Well the polish looks really nice. The glitter effect is really special, I haven't seen a polish like this.


  2. Lovely swatch :) It's so surprising to see OPI do something like a bar glitter. I didn't want to get it before but now I'm kind of tempted!