Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I Use: OPI Nail Envy

So for some one who is only meant to work at my part time job one day a week - I have just worked 4 of the last 5 days. This means crap for my nails. I always break them at work and this week has been no exception. They are almost all back to as short as can be. So I am so not proud of them at the moment and don't really want to stick pictures up of them looking so crappy.

So no pretty colour picture posts for a while sorry.

My nails are recovering for the next week with OPI Original Nail Envy.
This would have to be my favourite product ever.

My nails are naturally really thin and break so easy. I get a tiny little snag and the whole thing rips off.

But since using Nail Envy my nails are so much better. They actually grow now and are so much thicker than they used to be. Its just when I work that they break and now because they grow longer when they break it seems way worse than it used to be.

I actually have a visible line on my nails where you can see the Nail Envy working and making them thicker.

That is all for a while now
Lots of Love

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