Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Miki Nail Polish

Hope everyone had a good Easter holiday. I really appreciated my four days off - and I didn't have to work because the shops were shut on Friday - yay for me!

I was at the pharmacy today buying some sticky plasters and on the counter they had a display of little polishes. At fist I was like 'No' I don't need any and they cant be that good for that price. But then I was talking to the lady and she said they were new in and for only $2.99 each - I relented. I got 5! And I may be going back for more. They had some neons I was quite keen on getting.

I have never heard of Miki before and googleing didn't help. There was nothing on there. The bottle says they are made in Australia.
These are mini polishes, only 7mls which is 0.23fl.oz.

Anyways this is what I got:

As far as I can tell they don't have names - just numbers on the bottom of the bottle.

BO4620 was a medium shimmer blue. I thought it was just kind of average.

This one has the flash on

BO4110 was a coral glitter. Jelly based with matching glitter. This was 2 coats, but I think it would be better as a top coat.

BO4250 is my favourite of the bunch. Its a pastel aqua-green. Here is three coats. It has a slight shimmer to it.

BO3510 yellow creme. Horrible application. It was thick and gluggy and ohhhh so streaky. Here is three coats. It was quite opaque after 2 but still very visible streaks. This polish made the brand seem cheaper to me. Although it did give good coverage for a yellow.

BO4370 this was a medium blue jelly glitter. This is pretty. Again you still have visible nail line, but this would make a nice top coat. I like it by itself, as a not out-landish, look-at-me, over-the-top blue glitter.

I've changed my mind - I think i like this colour best!

Overall the two glitter polishes had a good application, they were a good consistency and went on easily, starting to redeemed this brand in my opinion a bit after the terrible yellow.

The bottles are small and the big silver square handle is hard to use, but they have a regular size brush, which I like. Drying time on these polishes was quite quick (except for the yellow).

Its getting really cold and yucky here now. Almost no sun at all. Today its overcast and freezing and pictures are getting harder to take without the natural light. Sorry :( I'm still learning.

Lots of Love


  1. Hey do you know where you can still get miki nailpolish now? I haven't seen it in ages and two of my favourite nailpolishes are theirs, they're running out fast! (They are a hot pink with an irridescent purple sheen and a bright metallic violet-purple, absolutely stunning!)
    From a fellow nail polish addict!
    (Kt :) )

  2. I have seen them still at some pharmacies, They had a few left at a radius pharmacy (a few days ago) and a life pharmacy. But they didnt have many left and not many colours - lots of bright green ones left

  3. If you are in Australia, you can get Miki nailpolishes at Price Attack.

  4. oh yay another new zealand blogger! These miki polishes are pretty awesome for how little they cost! i think i have found one at Unichem on queen st that's a really close dupe of Channel Graphite. pretty good for $3 nzd a pop! I think i will do a NOTD on my blog so if you wanna see the swatch of my MIKI collection check it out in 2 days LOL..


  5. I am also trying to find where I can buy more, I bought my 4 original ones from Kilsyth pharmacy, Vic and desperately want more. Looks like I'll have to ask the pharmacy to try and order some more for me. I've got a sparkly green 18, pearl blue 6, orange 5 and red 9.