Thursday, March 25, 2010

OPI Lilac Layers

I am not a big fan of creme polishes - I like things that sparkle and shimmer.
So I use my cremes as bases for my shimmer polishes.

This is OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender from the Hong Kong 2010 Collection.

I was not happy with this polish - not sure if its just me bottle or everyone's- but it came out of the bottle runny and applied horribly thick and gluggy and streaky. I didnt like applying it at all.
This was three coats, it probably would have been ok but it had brush lines all through it and was not even.

Next I applied a coat of OPI Significant Other color.

This looked amazing. I find a lot of shimmer polishes are too see through on their own, so layering them over a similar colour creme means they come out the colour they look in the bottle and are opaque this way.

I really liked the way this turned out. Ive been wearing it for two days now and still haven't taken it off.

How do you wear your shimmers?

Lots of Love

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