Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zoya Tallulah and Jo

Well the people in the flat above ours had a great st pats day - they lasted till 5am this morning. Great for them but absolute hell for me trying to sleep during the night. So today I was feeling amazingly tired and BLUE.

So whats more appropriate than Blue nail polish??

Zoya - Jo

Zoya -Tallulah

I was surprised by these 2 polishes as I thought that Jo would be my favourite. Low and behold I think I actually like Tallulah better. Jo has a slight silver shimmer in it, which I fell dulls it a little. Tallulah is much brighter. It has a bright aqua-green-blue shimmer in it. The photo doesn't show this too much (there wasn't much sun here today). It looks much cooler in real life under light or in the sun.

The nail polish didn't help at all in making me feel better today - however a nap will :)
Lots of Love

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