Thursday, March 11, 2010


So Ive been collecting for about 15 months now and this is where I am at....

ZOYA - 30 polishes

I was lucky enough to take a trip to America last year and this is the Zoya collection I managed to bring back! This is almost impossible and really expensive to buy in New Zealand so I was over the moon whenever I came across it in a salon in America

OPI is widely available in New Zealand but at $25 a polish is not very affordable to students! Again I brought a lot back from America where they were only $8 a polish (which is about $12NZ) The other problem with OPI in New Zealand is we don't receive all of the collections or exclusive polishes - that's when I have to turn to ebay and my over used credit card. So far I have 76 OPI colours and 9 of the Designer Series polishes.

While in America I also discovered Sephora by OPI and was in heaven in the Sephora shops (not just because of the polishes!) I picked up 6 of these colours.

I've always read other blogs about China Glaze but have never seen it in a shop in New Zealand. However.... I was over the moon when I saw these for sale on Trade me ( this is the New Zealand version of ebay) So far I have 18 China Glaze polishes and cant wait to get more of their awesome colours.

Now you can clearly see why most of the people I love think I have a slight problem here - some would say an obsession.
I just cant help myself!!!!!
And I dread to calculate how much money I have spent on all of these!

That's all for today. I'm still wearing my yellow polish from my previous post. Its been 3 days and I got my first chip today. This is actually a good effort for my nails.

Lots of Love

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