Sunday, March 14, 2010

OPI My Private Jet

On Saturday we went to see the New Zealand Black Caps play the Australian's at the Stadium. Never would of guessed that we would actually win (but still lose the series 3-2).

My Fiance bought me one of the new Black caps tops to wear! yay!

So to celebrate the Black caps in Wellington I thought I would wear some appropriate Polish. It was a really sunny do so whats better than a Black holographic Polish - OPI My Private Jet.

This is so pretty in the sun! I find it quite average when no in the sun - its just black with silver glitter in it - but when its sunny it is truly amazing! Rainbows and Glitter and Sparkle - its everything a girl could want! But as always kinda hard to capture on a camera. This has to be seen in real life to be truly appreciated.

Thats all for today!
Have a good weekend
Lots of Love

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