Thursday, March 25, 2010

China Glaze - Passion in the Pacific

So in case you didn't already know I live in New Zealand.
Its a bunch of Islands below Australia and is part of the Pacific.
So whats more appropriate than a polish called "Passion in the Pacific"?

Outside - sun - no flash

I liked this when I first put it on at night. The lights in my house have that yellow glow to them and it made the polish shimmer slightly yellowy greeny colour. But the next day I didn't like it. It was crappy weather here (we had winds of 140kms per hour - that's around 90 miles and hour) and it was cloudy and rainy. And this polish didn't make me feel happy. When I looked at it on my fingers I just felt meh and like I kind of couldn't wait to take it off. This sucked Because I was looking forward to liking this colour. I just couldn't.

Dont get me wrong this polish has its moments - beautiful moments under a slightly yellow light. So I perservered and wore this colour for another day. Today it is clear blue sky and sunny as (so I got you a good photo) but I'm still iffy on this one. I know it is not a colour I will always reach for. Like i said its just kinda average. Bonus points was the application was perfect.

I'm just trying out some of my new OPI's (from the Hong Kong collection) so stay tuned for shimmer layering on top of cremes.
Lots of Love

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