Monday, March 22, 2010

China Glaze Glitter Polishes

China Glaze Carnival Lights and Preppy Pink

Today's NOTD was Carnival Lights.

This polish surprised me. It doesn't look too appealing in the bottle. But on the nails it is awesome! Its a medium pink jelly base filled with little pink bits of glitter and larger silver (rainbow sparkle) bits of glitter. Last night I just marveled at it under a light in the bedroom. The pink glitter and the big rainbow glitter combines to sparkle amazingly.

These photos were all taken inside as today its blowing a gale (120kph winds - that's windy Wellington for you)

Carnival Lights - Inside
(The polish is actually darker than it appears in these photos)

Carnival Lights - With Flash

Before I thought these polishes reminded me of those ones you have when your about 5 years old in those crappy beauty kits you get at Christmas - except china glaze have done it so well.

This Polish was so easy to apply. In these photos I have used three coats. Its a great consistency and I've never found it so easy to make my nails look neat and tidy with out any tidying up work after applying the polish.

After being amazed by Carnival Lights I tried out my other new glitter - Preppy Pink.

Preppy Pink - Inside (No Flash)

This makes me feel like a princess out of those little kid movies and I feel like I need a pair of glitter fairy wings. Its a delicate pale (slightly peachy) pink jelly base. This polish has only one colour of glitter in it - medium and smaller sized pink/white sparkle. This glitter is more on the rainbow side and less on the pink side. Again this is 3 coats but you can clearly see the VNL (visible nail line) and as usual the colour is brighter in real life than this photo shows.

I will definitely be investing in more of this glitter collection. The ease of which they applied so well and neatly is a huge plus for me.

Lots of Love

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