Wednesday, March 10, 2010

OPI Banana Bandanna & A Little Less Conversation

Outside - Natural light, no flash

Yay! My first Nail Polish blog!

I did this on my nails last night.
It ended up being 7 coats but looks amazing.

1st coat = OPI Base Coat
2nd-4th coats were OPI Banana Bandanna
5th coat = OPI A Little Less Conversation
6th & 7th coats were OPI Top coat

I think it turned out awesome and im stocked with the colour. OPI Banana Bandana needed three coats to become almost completely opaque. This is one of my only creme polishes and I wasn't so keen on it by itself, hence the coat of OPI A Little Less Conversation. This was amazing. A Little Less Conversation is too transparent for my liking by itself.

Both OPI polishes were as always were great to apply.

I will definitely be using this combination again! Its a created a yellow I cant find anywhere else.

Inside - natural light, no flash

Hope you all enjoyed this 'first' nail polish blog!
Lots of Love

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