Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spotted in NZ: Orly Viva!

Farmers now has the Orly Viva! collection in stock. This collection was released in May 2010 around the rest of the world. New Zealand is 6 months behind with Orly polishes. These are selling for NZ$23 and come with a free Mini bottle of top2bottom.

The Viva! collection contains four polishes. The colours are:

Bailamos – turquoise shimmer
Ole – coral orange creme
Fiesta – hot pink shimmer
La Playa – blue creme

I looked at these today but none of the polishes are overly unique, so none came home with me today. Good for my credit card though :)

Lots of Love


  1. I considered getting the Bailamos but I resisted.
    Also, I ordered Catch me in your net, and I love it. Thanks for the trademe tip!

  2. The swatches I've seen of Bailamos look really nice...I probably wouldn't buy it if I lived in NZ, though.

  3. Yeah Bailamos was the only one I considered getting but I have about 5 similar polishes so didnt want to waste money on it

  4. If you see Royal Navy snap it up it is amazing!!

  5. I bought Bailamos. Not sure why. I guess I was in a shopping spree mood. I am not overly excited about it.