Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spotted in NZ: LA Colors

LA Colors was first spotted in New Zealand a week ago. These are being sold at Warehouse Extras. I had to visit 2 Warehouses before I found one that was actually a Warehouse Extra and had the LA colors display.

They display looks like this and has a whole range of make up and was located near the check out counters (not with the rest of the make up)

The displays also contain the Art Deco nail stripers.
The display at the Warehouse out by the airport in Wellington had all LA Colors make up selling at $5 a piece - but when I first found out about these in New Zealand I heard the polishes were selling for $9.99 each.

One thing that does bug me with LA colors polishes is they say that they are 15mls. But they are much much smaller than OPI bottles which are also 15mls. I am tending to believe that OPI is more likely to be 15mls and LA colors isn't. Has anyone else noticed this? It doesn't seem right to me.

The polishes both have the same diameter but the OPI is much taller. I just can not get my head around them both having the same amount of polish in the two bottles.

Lots of Love


  1. the base around the la colors is bigger. also not every l.a. colors has that bottle so maybe they just standerized the logo meaning that while that bottle might be 15ml the others are

  2. Thanks for posting this. iv been looking for nail art pens/nail polishes like these ones for agesss! but i dont like buying over the internet and could never find them in shops. so when i saw this i got quite excited. so 2day i went to the warehouse just down the road which happens to be an extra, and i saw them but the stand was with the beauty stuff at this one. and they are all usally $10 but everything was $5 for today i think. so i picked up 5 of the nail art polishes and i cant wait to go back and pick up more! so thanks for the post(:

  3. Emily BYS stripers are also in New Zealand now - I saw them at cosmetic plus for $8.90 - I think they might be better quality too.

  4. From what I've used from LA Colors I have liked. I've never seen a full display, although I don't live in NZ!


  5. I've seen them at the warehouse, but whenever I got there, it's never stocked up. There's never any black, which is really annoying :(