Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BYS Down the rabbit hole

BYS Down the rabbit hole is from the 2010 Wonderland collection. It was thought this was just an Australian collection but it is also here in New Zealand. I brought mine on Saturday at a cosmetics plus store for $8.90 (and they had plenty more in stock as well as the other 2 polishes in this collection).

It is a black jelly with silver holographic glitter. The following pictures are all 3 coats and were taken in different lights to show how the glitter changes in the light.

In the shade this polish just looks black with silver glitter in it

BYS Down the Rabbit hole - Shade (inside)

BYS Down the Rabbit hole - Sunshine

The camera doesn't manage to capture all of the holo - so it is sparklier in real life. I do wish the black was darker but that's not what happens when you have a black jelly full of glitter (if the black was too dark you would drown the glitter).

The one problem I had with this polish is the smell. It smells like something you would use to wax your car with. As far as I can tell from my chemistry knowledge and the ingredients on the back of the pack these are B3F (although if you know for sure if they are or not please let me know)

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Lots of Love