Sunday, April 3, 2011

BYS Colour Change Bright Purple

This is the second polish I tried from BYS's Colour Change range. And this was a much better experience than the first one.
Originally I wasn't so keen on this one as it didn't have the glitter in it, like Glitter Blue did (see that post here) But it is made up of two really nice girly colours that may actually be ruined with glitter.
BYS Colour Change Bright Purple - cold state - sunshine

This is 3 coats. The polish goes on this purple and dries this colour too. If you enlarge the picture you can actually see there is some very fine shimmer to this polish. Although in the bottle it looks creme. this applied easy and dry time was good. It is a little on the runny side, but not too bad that you cant work with it.

This one was the opposite of the Blue glitter one I used last time. Here I had to run my hands under hot water to get the polish to change colour (last time I had to use cold water).

BYS Colour Change Bright Purple - warm state - sunshine

I do quite like this one. I am currently doing a mani of this at the moment. Although to be honest I'm not sure about what happens when you put a top coat over these - does it then just stay the one colour? or change under the top coat? I'll let you know.

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These are available in New Zealand for NZ$8.90. Also available in Australia and online at

Lots of Love

Edit: I am now wearing this again, with a top coat and it seems fine. Although my temperature must be different from last time because my nails are pink , with purple tips at the moment :) I wish my nails were longer so i could have more purple looking coolness at the tips.

Edit number 2: I have had this on for over a day and absolutely love it! It is much pinker than the photo above shows. It lasted well with a top coat and still changed to full on purple when i was cold or washed my hands in cold water. LOVE


  1. I like that purple shade. It's cute on you. :)

  2. Ooooo BYS! ** DROOLS ** That is delish!!! If you are ever interested in a swap, let me know! xxx ~ Dolly

  3. I went off to the mall to buy this one today. They had everything but, so I walked away with purple glitter instead. It's awesome!