Sunday, April 10, 2011

China Glaze Virtual Violet

China Glaze Virtual Violet is the first of the Tronica polishes I tried out. Thanks again to smoochiefrog for sending me these polishes (check out her month of holographic polishes here)

China Glaze Virtual Violet - sunshine

These pictures look alot better englarged. Compressing them hides the rainbows and the holographic-ness of this polish, so click on them to see the holographic awesomeness.

While the polishes in the Tronica collection are as holographic as the OMG and Kaleidoscope collections, but they are pretty and are holographic. The Tronica collection have scattered holo and do look really great in the sun. They are two coaters and dry quickly. You can easily wear them with out a top or base coat.

Its getting very cold and wet here and the sunshine has dissappeared, so getting more pictures of these holographic polishes is getting harder.

Hope you all had a good weekend

Lots of Love


  1. I'm realy liking the Tronicas. I bought 4 of them and didn't expect much, but they're really pretty :)