Monday, April 11, 2011

Essence Bonnie and Clyde

This is the second pair of Essence Nail Art Twins sent from the lovely Jill that I tried.

This is set #03 - Bonnie and Clyde

This is Bonnie and Clyde. I think I am of a slightly too younger generation to really understand who Bonnie and Clyde were.

Essence Bonnie - Sunshine

Essence Bonnie - Shade

This is a medium creme blue. This was two coats, but again if you were in a hurry (and were using the top coat) you could get away with one thick coat. This is a smooth creme polish.

WARNING - use a base coat!!!! this thing stains like a *******

Essence Clyde (over Bonnie) - Sunshine

Essence Clyde (over Bonnie) - Shade

This is one coat of Clyde over the two coats of Bonnie. The glitter is a few different shapes and sizes. The bigger bits of glitter in this are silvery blue squares, floating in a blue base filled with little tiny blue and silver glitter pieces.

It does look pretty and I like these pairs, but please please please use a base coat underneath! I cant stress that enough!!!

Lots of Love


  1. Really pretty combination, I like it!

  2. Great blue, I love this combination!

  3. Those glitter top coats are awesome! I love the square pieces.

  4. Too bad it stains, but that mostly a problem with cheaper blues and greens. Looks pretty though!

  5. Too bad you learnt how it stains :(
    The Serena Williams Simply Smash-ing for OPI also stains HORRIBLY, FYI.

  6. Don't like nail polish that stains... btw I don't know bonnie and clade either