Monday, March 21, 2011

BYS Colour Change Blue Glitter

I have so many things to post about at the moment! I don't know what to post first!

So here is the first BYS Colour Change polish I tried out. These are available in New Zealand for NZ$8.90. Also available in Australia and online at

This is Blue Glitter. (pretty simple name huh?)

It was a lot more sheer than I expected. This is three coats. Applies easily, but takes a little while to dry. It applies dark (ie the colour of the polish in the bottle) but as it dries it changes to a very light sheer blue. There is little bits of silver glitter through out the polish, that is quite cute.

When your hands are warm it is a light blue. It is quite subtle, even with the glitter when it is this colour and I became quite fond of it like this.

BYS Colour Change Glitter Blue - warm state - natural light

When you make the polish cold it changes from light blue to only a slightly darker blue. I used cold water to get this to work.

BYS Colour Change Glitter Blue - cold state - natural light

I was actually kind of disappointed with the lack of colour change, but in saying that the two colours on the bottle lid are these two here - so in that sense it is meeting its own standards. I think a darker blue would have been nice.

What do you think? have you tried the BYS colour change polishes?
I've got another three to try out, so we will wait and see how they all are.

Lots of Love


  1. I'm kinda a little disappointed at how sheer this lot is :(

  2. I agree with Steph, it is very sheer :( it's a good concept though :) great for summer and swimming!

  3. Wow that's very sheer! I have it in Purple Glitter, I've tried it with two coats and it's nowhere near as sheer as this one!