Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Color Club Factory Girl + Comparison + Glitter

This is another polish from Color Clubs Poptastic Collection. These are still on sale in New Zealand at for only NZ$8.90.

Color Club Factory Girl - Sunshine

Factory girl starts of sheer but after three coats is fine. It is a light blue creme polish with a smooth finish. Dry time was good and wear was good as well.

I thought I'd do a comparison of some other light blue creme polishes to show you what it is like.
Here is a comparison between Color Club Factory Girl, OPI Whats with the Cattitude? and Color Club Take me to your Chateau.

Light blue creme comparison - sunshine

Factory Girl and Cattitude are both three coats. These too are the closest in colour to each other. I think that the OPI polish has a nicer formula, where theirs are slightly jelly-ish. Color Club Take me to your chateau is much lighter. This one was only two coats. It is a much thicker creamier polish that needs less coats to reach opaqueness. My favourite of the three is OPI whats with the cattitude? It has a nicer formula than the other two.

Light blue comparisons (same order as above photo) covered with OPI Last Friday Night - Sunshine

I then covered the comparison in OPI Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry Collection. I love this jelly glitter as a top coat over blue polishes. I think it works well with all three of these blues. Here the lighter blue of take me to your chateau works very well - but this polish is designed to go with a glitter top coat (Color Club Si Vous Please!)

Lots of Love


  1. Last Friday Night looks good on them all. But then, I bet it would be cool on lots of different colors. It would be fun to experiment. :)

    Chateau reminds me of a lighter shade of For Audrey. The other three look so similar.

    Thanks for the comparison post; I love those type. :)

  2. I love Factory Girl the most out of these blues :). Great comparison!

  3. thx for the comparison! i was just wondering how similar the color club ones are!! im gonna buy both of them!