Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spotted in New Zealand: Color Club Untamed Luxury

I just saw these an hour ago in my local Life Pharmacy. A whole entire untouched display of the winter Untamed Luxury collection.

They were selling these for $14.99 - which is an improvement because the exact same pharmacy was selling the Poptastic Color Clubs for $22.99 over summer.

You can buy the 7 piece untamed luxury packs online in New Zealand at for $59 each (that works out to only be $8.40 a polish!).

If I weren't on a no buy at the moment (Paying of a huge credit card bill and trying to save for my wedding) I definitely would have picked up Covered in Diamonds (the flakie top coat) and Untamed Luxury (teal green glitter)

Lots of Love


  1. You're making me haul so many polishes because now I know where to get them, HAHAHAHA.

  2. Haha self control when it comes to nail polish is very very hard I find. I die inside a little each time I have to walk out of the shop with no new polishes. Saving and paying off credit card bills is hard