Thursday, April 14, 2011

HELP!!!!! (shipping question)

There is a challenge going on in the NZ and Australia Blogging community.

How do you ship polishes legally from New Zealand to Australia for a reasonable price???

Any ideas????

There are rewards if we solve this!!!!!!!!


  1. unfortunately not. This is not my company - but they want to tap into the Australian market. Will have to go by air so that's where the problem is as nail polish is dangerous goods.

  2. A lot of companies actually send products as "gifts"... an example would be Apparently it's because sometimes some cosmetic products are forbidden in the mail (like NZ with nailpolishes because it's apparently harmful chemicals, it's true!) and/or a lot of people gift to their friends/family through the website and they couldn't be bother writing out two different labels.

    Another way.. and many US companies go this way *cough Cherry Culture cough*, is to still say it's commerical BUT instead of writing cosmetics on the label they put art supplies which in a way is more "safer". This won't make it cheaper but it will more than likely pass through the customs of the country.

  3. Transdesign put "art supplies" on their international orders. I'm not sure this is an option in this case. Technically you can ship small amounts legally but most companies just flat out refuse to do this

  4. Oh and I don't really know it works but again many online stores have flat rates postage which means there's a set amount of cashys used for postage. This is usually used to profit of people with smaller orders but also pay for larger ones. So... they could charge, I don't know... $15NZD to send any parcel with any amount of products the costumer choses.

  5. OHH!! You mean HUGEEE orders? Yea... those ones are taxed no matter what, a friend of mine has to order a maximum of 10 USB flash drives at a time from China or he'll get taxed for owning a business and making a profit from it. I suppose there's a permit or something that allows companies to do this for a lower cost but I've never heard of it in NZ yet.

  6. Maybe not that legal, but:

    Put no stamps on the package. Then put a fake address on the package and the real address you wanna send it to as the sender's address. It will take some time, but it should work.