Monday, February 7, 2011

Color Club Giveaway

Color Club New Zealand have kindly sponsored this latest giveaway here at never ending obsession.

Color Club has been in New Zealand for a while now and is selling their polishes for rrp$16 in salons, pharmacies and Amazon stores. You can check out a list of stockist here on the Color Club New Zealand website.

Color Club New Zealand has kindly donated the 7 piece (not available in New Zealand stores - and even I don't have a set!) Rebel Debutante collection.

Left to Right: Who are you Wearing, High Society, Best Dressed List, Charity Ball, Uptown Girl, She's sooo Glam, Ms. Socialite.

This is the perfect nail polish collection for autumn (or if you live in Wellington like me - it is perfect for the weather we are having now - which is grey and rainy). It is full of the trendy colours for autumn/fall including purples, greys and taupes. All seven of these polishes are cremes and perfect for day time work and sophisticated night time wear.

This give away is open to New Zealand residents only. And through this we are going to try and build more brand recognition in the Color Club brand in New Zealand and the never ending obsession blog. I want to be able to make this blog about New Zealand. What is available here and when and for how much. So it makes sense to have more New Zealanders following.

To enter:
1. Be a follower (give follower name and email address) (1 entry)
2. Tell me where in New Zealand you live (1 entry)
3. Refer your fellow New Zealanders on to Color Club and never ending obsession. Get your friends to follow and enter in the giveaway - if they mention that you referred them here you get another entry.
4. Tell me what polishes you like to buy from New Zealand (1 entry)
5. Tell me what you want to see on this blog - do you appreciate the "spotted in NZ" posts? BYS posts? how to order/swap with overseas? where I buy my polishes from? (1 entry)

Leave a comment in the comment section.
Closes March 10th 2011.

Good luck and lots of love


  1. Morgan- morganclare at
    In sunny Napier! I love to buy BYS cause they are cheap and so excited more chemists have color club!
    I love to see where people manage to source their polishes that I couldn't otherwise buy in NZ!

  2. hehe Morgan if no one else enters you win!!!

  3. Is it too late? Hope not!

    Im in Auckland.. loving Essie polishes right now. Havent tried colour club yet but loving the colours in that set :)
    I love to see swatches of different polishes - its helps me decide what colours I want to buy. They can look so different in the bottles.


  4. No Raewyn your definitely not too late!

  5. 1. I follow as Samantha (samantha[dot]cheah[at]gmail[dot]com)
    2. Auckland!
    4. Pretty much the only ones I buy retail are Color Club, BYS and Mode (those ones you see in bins at some chemists). Most of the other brands are $20+, which seems a little steep to me, considering how many colours are on my 'to buy' list! I do buy a fair bit of OPI, Orly and Nubar on TradeMe though. Thank goodness for the cheaper prices there!
    5. I love how you're based in NZ - yes to all you listed! I'd love to see some swap posts - perhaps a guide? I'm not even sure where to find people to swap with, other than MUA, where I didn't find too many people willing to ship internationally :(

    Gee, I ramble quite a bit :P Good luck to everyone, and thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Hello!

    1. username: hellotanya // email: mail (at)
    2. Mt Eden, Auckland
    4. Usually O.P.I, or a handful of the Orly miniatures
    5. All of the above! Just got back from living in London for 2 years and I'm missing out on China Glaze, Nails Inc, Accessorize.. sigh! Spotted in NZ is awesome, and I've been trawling your posts for how to order internationally! I Just splurged on a whole bunch of deborah lippmann from beautybridge.. thanks! (Or no thanks!!)


  7. 1. Lani - lani.m.inverarity[at]
    2. I'm in Wellington too
    4. I buy 90% of my polishes on from overseas, but BYS has some goodies.
    5. Definitely appreciate "spotted in NZ". I also like haul posts - I like to see what other people buy!

  8. 1. daisyq - katmq6[@]
    2. I'm in Wellington
    4. OPI, Revlon, and Orly minis
    5. Love 'spotted in NZ' and where you get other brands from!

    cheers! :)

  9. Emily Moore ~ emilyrosiemoore at hotmail dot com
    I live in Auckland
    I buy mostly opi. Then I have Mac, revlon, orly and colour club
    I like reading your posts about "spotted in nz" and haul posts