Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Essence Twins Mr. Big and Carrie

A couple of weeks ago I received an amazing package from Jill in Switzerland. I sent her some stuff she was after and to say thanks she sent me 30 (yes 30!) nail polishes from Europe. There were Essence polishes, H & M polishes, Catrice polishes, Stamping plates, Glitter, nail art pens and accessories and amazing Swiss chocolates!

Inside my package was a whole set of Essence Nail Art Twin polishes. There are 4 sets in this collection, but today I am showing you just one set.

This is Mr. Big and Carrie

The polishes are labeled 1 and 2 so you know how to use them and pair them together! Super Cute! The polishes are 10ml (0.33fl. oz) each and a google search shows me that these sell for about €1.75 each.
Essence Nail Art Twin Mr. Big - sunshine

Essence Nail Art Twin Mr. Big - shade

This is two coats of Mr. Big. It was easy to apply and dried to a nice smooth slightly shiny gloss finish. If you were in a hurry and were using the top coat you could almost get away with only one coat of this colour.
Essence Nail Art Twin Carrie - sunshine

Essence Nail Art Twin Carrie - shade

This is only one coat of Carrie over the two coats of Mr. Big. The glitter is a few different shapes and sizes. The bigger bits of glitter in this are lighter pink hexagons and darker pink squares, floating in a pink jelly base filled with little tiny pink glitter pieces.

I love how these look together. I really like the combination and cant wait to try the three other colours I have.

Jill if your reading this - thanks so much once again!!!

Lots of Love

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  1. Jill is reading, you're on my nail-blog daily check list now :) and you're welcome, glad you like it!