Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not yet spotted in NZ: OPI Katy Perry

The New Zealand distributers of OPI assure us that the Katy Perry collection will be in stores in time for her New Zealand concerts. The problem here is that these concerts are three months away still - so does this mean the Katy Perry polishes are still 3 months away? (you can order them from Beyond Beauty in New Zealand online)

I knew I wanted the whole collection as soon as information was released about them.

Unfortunately about 6 weeks ago, on the day the went on sale at they sold out in 4 hours, with no guarantee they would be getting more in stock. He came my dilemma. Do I wait and hope they get more in stock, to I cross my fingers and hope they come to New Zealand, or do I find somewhere else to get them from.

After a lot of anguish, Lisa and I put in an order to for the Katy Perry polishes and Serena Grand Slam polishes. At Beauty of a site the OPI polishes retail for US$8.50 each. In total we ordered 14 polishes and paid NZ$242.61 (this included about US$55 postage) so we paid about $17 a polish.

Left to Right: OPI Black Shatter, Last Friday Night, Teenage Dream, Not like the movies, the one that got away.

So it may have cost a bit of money and took awhile to get here, but about 2 weeks ago my Katy Perry polishes arrived safe and sound in New Zealand. I'm glad I managed to get a hold of these. I would have been devastated if I couldn't. I am supper excited about using the two glitters in this collection! (I am not afraid to say that yes I am a glittah whore)

I saw plenty of these polishes in Melbourne at David Jones, random nail places and the duty free stores in the Airport. So they are easy to still find in Australia.

Unfortunately the weather has been utter crap this last week and I haven't been able to do swatches of any of my new polishes.

Hope your weekends went well.
Lots of Love


  1. I'm desperate to get my hands on Black Shatter, but so far on trademe it's selling for around $40. Contemplating buying it combined with the Serena Williams gold colour, because they do look awesome together, but just steeling to spend so much money.

    The time it takes to get new nail polishes in NZ seems like a farce sometimes. So annoying.

  2. Morgan - same problem. Do you wait for it to come to NZ and hope to get it from Farmers for $25, or risk not getting it at all. If I were you I wouldn't pay $40 on trade me. I would wait and if all else fails try and order then china glaze black mesh.

  3. Morgan - Black Mesh is going for a reasonable price here: (Although the price might go up nearer to the end).

    I love this collection, especially Last Friday Night. So pretty over black!