Saturday, March 19, 2011

China Glaze Mail

Look what arrived yesterday and was waiting for me on the front doorstep when I got home from work.....

The entire China Glaze Tronica collection!!!!!!!

All thanks to smoochiefrog (aka Tina) from Manicure Mommas. Yet again she has come to the rescue sending me a whole collection I couldnt otherwise get. I love her.

Thanks once again Tina!
I cant wait to start using these before the last of our summer ends and the sun disappears. There is a whole lot of holographic goodness that needs to be worn!

Lots of Love


  1. Oh my gosh I can't wait to see these! I didn't even know about them, love that fuchsia though :D

  2. Hey also, where do you order your polishes from? I haven't bought any for quite some time and am out of touch with who has the best range & shipping :)

  3. Hey Steph,
    This collection was a special collection only released at sally's stores for the movie Tron.
    Ive been getting a lot of my polishes in swaps lately, but otherwise ordering online from Transdesign or Beauty of a site.
    Let me know if you want me to email you more information. :)

  4. You don't know how jealous I am of this!! So excited for you!!!

  5. I was jealous of the people who had it before I did too. I was so lucky that Tina could help me out. She is freaking awesome!

  6. Oh wow. Tronica being released for the movie Tron went completely over my head - I did think the name was a bit strange, but it makes so much more sense in that context!

    Looking forward to swatches :D

  7. Yey!!!!! I would love to get one of those! :D By the way... I read that expression so much about deliveries "it was waiting on my doorstep".... the mailman really leaves the package on the doorsteps??? o_O

  8. Akuma, between me and my partner we get packages left on our front door step at least once a week by our courier. The boxes are too big to put in the letterbox. Where we live is quite a safe place and I have never had anything go missing.