Thursday, March 24, 2011

BYS Shimmer Hollywood Hills

Just a quick post today. Tomorrow we drive up to New Plymouth for a wedding over the weekend and I have so much to do.

This is BYS Shimmer Hollywood Hills.

BYS Shimmer Hollywood Hills -sunshine

3 coats. Applies easy. Is quite sheer for the first few coats. It really is a neon bright lime green. Im not sure how the name fits in, but its a cute colour for summer. It has a gold shimmer running through it, and is very unique in my collection.

I'll see all you lovely chickadees in 3-4 days! Have a good week!

Lots of Love

P.S. 3 more followers and there will be a 300 followers giveaway! Hopefully when I get back from the wedding.


  1. I was thinking this was a colour change nail polish but it isn't :P And I was thinking the same as you about the name. I like these polishes to wear them when I go to the beach or pool, just to see it shine under water :) by the way...... wedding???

  2. Yeah this is just a regular BYS polish. My partners cousin is getting married on Saturday so we have a 5 hour drive up the country for that. Im busy tidying the house before we leave so that the person who feeds the cat doesn't think we are messy. Oh and to make matters worse I'm getting sick again!

  3. Oh, for moments I thought you were getting married :P.... I hope you get well very very soon! So you can enjoy the Spring and everything else! ^__^

  4. He he. My wedding is next February.