Sunday, March 27, 2011

Upcoming Nail Polish Collections

Hello Ladies!!

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Polish brands are finally starting to realize how important the internet is and how much information gets shared this way. These companies are finally letting us know about upcoming collections sooner rather than later and not trying to stop people from sharing this information before they want them to.

So here is a post about all the upcoming collections that have been announced recently.


OPI has lots of collections coming up soon. A movie one, a brights one, a soft shades one and the next Fall/Winter collection.

OPI Femme de Cirque (Softshades) - due for release April 2011

OPI Nice Stems (Brights) - due for release June 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean (Brights) - Includes Silver Shatter! - due for release May 2011

OPI Shatters!!!! - Due for release in May 2011
OPI Touring America - due out for Fall/Winter 2011 (ages away)

Color Club

Colour club has released a few extra spring/summer collections this year with the glittery Starry Temptress collection and the scented Wicked Sweet collection. These are already available in some parts of the world, and if you really cant wait (like me) you can order online at

Color Club Wicked Sweet (scented collection)

Color Club Starry Temptress (Glitter!)


Zoya has some great bright summer colours coming up with the sunshine ans summertime collections. I cant wait to get some of the Sunshine collection - these are glass effect finishes with duo-chrome gold yellow flashes running through them. Zoya are also the first to bring our some bright coloured matte polishes!

China Glaze

China Glaze has a couple of collections coming out soon. After the release of their holographic Tronica collection and the spring/summer collection Anchors Away, they have a smaller summer collection coming out, and there is also a bit of information on their upcoming fall/winter collection.
China Glaze Island Escape - due for release April (??)

China Glaze Metro - due for release July 2011

Nicole By OPI

After spotting Nicole by OPI finally in New Zealand, I am hoping we get more of these polishes here.
Nicole by OPI Something about Spring - out now in America as a Target Exclusive collection.

Lots of Love

*Thanks to all the people on the internet who posted these pictures*


  1. I am SO excited about all the shatters coming out from OPI! I ended up buying the black shatter in a pack with the Serena Williams gold/green glitter and it is amazing, so I can't wait for the blue and what looks like another dark colour.

    Also loving that really bright citrus orange/yellow that's in the color club wicked sweet collection and China glaze... hope we don't have to wait too long for that.

    Noticed at least two navy blue polishes in there as well - that'll definitely be a must for winter. Very excited for ALL of the above to come out, I hope we get them in NZ within a decent amount of time and don't have to wait for months... otherwise I'll start splurging on trademe again.

  2. Great post here!
    I still don't understand Pirates of the Caribbean collection... why those colours??? Tey are awesome I just don't get the connection o.O
    I'm very excited about the Shatters by OPI, specially the Turquoise ;)
    And I love Zoya Mod Mattes! Those are dreamy colours *___*
    Finally I can't help but feeling blue about the Fall collection by OPI, it's so dark and sad it looks more like a Gothics collection! :(

  3. I agree Akuma - I am so not happy with the fall collection from OPI. It is all creme Taupes and dark pinks, they didnt really think much about colours here.

    The Zoya Mattes look awesome! and I cant wait for the Color Club collections.

    Shows my taste really is the brights and not the boring dark brown cremes.

  4. I am so keen for silver shatter! I saw someone's swatch of it with blue glitter underneath and it looked AMAZING.

    I love glass flecks, so I'll probably pick up the whole China Glaze Island Escape collection.

    The Zoyas are such pretty colours! Still waiting for one with my name though!