Saturday, September 18, 2010

Orly It's up to Blue + China Glaze Atlantis Tips

Just a quick post for today.

This is my manicure from a couple of days ago. I loved it.

Orly It's up to blue (see here for a post on this) with China Glaze Atlantis tips. I had to do a couple of layers of top coat to even and smooth it out a bit. Atlantis is one of my favourite polishes. Also anyone who has Atlantis knows that it sparkles a rainbow in real life - I just couldn't capture it on camera this time.

Lots of Love

PS. Farmers has buy 2 get one free on Orly polishes at the moment :)

P.P.S. saw a blog with same back ground and colours as mine and got freaked out so had to change mine again - sorry if it catches you off guard :) Hopefully ill find a look I like that I can keep for awhile


  1. I like Atlantis a lot too. I like this mani and do it a lot myself, because it reminds me of christmas for no logical reason :)

  2. haha I can honestly say it has never reminded me of christmas, but whenever I am in the shower with atlantis on I feel like a mermaid

  3. This is really cute! I love CG Atlantis in all the pictures I see, it is really shooting up to the top of my wishlist! :D

    I just found your blog, very cute! I am your newest follower. :) I recently started my own and would love to have you stop by and check it out. You can find it at if you are interested. Hope to see you there!

  4. Atlantis has been on my lemming list forever... this is a cute french!