Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OPI Diva of Geneva

This is my favourite of the three Swiss (OPI Fall/Winter 2010 Collection) polishes I have.

OPI Diva of Geneva - sunshine

This didn't look that exciting putting it on it the shade, but once you step outside - oh boy it is beautiful. It is a purple/plum/maroon colour that sparkles with read and blue shimmer. This was two coats, which covered and applied to the nail perfectly. I must say I really do appreciate those prowide brushes.

The bottle looks like the polish should have a slightly orangey/purple duochrome to the polish - but I didn't manage to see it at all on the nail, just in the bottle :( - but with the shimmer it is already pretty enough.

Compressing my images to make loading faster is losing the detail so here is a close up of the amazing shimmer in this:

OPI Diva of Geneva - close up

These are not really needed on the great colour, but I added some little silver flowers to this. They were meant to stick by themselves but didn't, so I had to secure them on the regular way with top coat afterwards. (You can see a bit of the duochrome I was talking about in the bottle here at the bottom of the picture)

I'm having a shitter of a day - I got turned down for a job - because I was too qualified so now I am majorly bummed and in three weeks will be finished with Uni and unemployed - not a good prospect :(

Lots of Love


  1. Want! Gorgeous color :)
    And I'm sorry to hear about the job, hopefully you will find something else soon!